Antwerpen March 15 gig help needed


Forever Ill
6 March, south of the Netherlands I greet you and wanted to get help for Morrissey's gig in Antwerpen.

Is or are there people going, and can help me, for good money, with whom I can get to it but more important also
back. Living in Best, close and regionvillage of Eindhoven. Can go by train, but the last to get home is early at 21.30, so leaving half the gig, thanks
toour Dutch National Train company. So if someone can help

If no one reacts the ticket will be for sale E110, :cry:
Not drowning but waving.
Wishing you good fortune and someone to come forward to solve your transport dilemma, celibate. You have a few days yet for it to happen 🍀
Have you considered a cheap overnight stay and an early morning train home the next morning?
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