"Ant-Man and the Wasp’s" director (Peyton Reed) on half-size Paul Rudd & Morrissey references

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    Ant-Man and the Wasp’s director on half-size Paul Rudd & Morrissey references - Polygon
    With a million possibilities and a team of special-effects artists at his disposal, Peyton Reed’s sequel is full of surprising choices


    "Ant-Man and The Wasp is the first movie I’ve seen that represents the Mexican-American love for Morrissey on screen. How’d that wind up in the movie?

    Reed: I’ve been a Smiths fan since the beginning. In fact, I played drums for a brief amount of time in a Smiths cover band called Louder than Bombs. Years ago, we were playing a show at Spaceland in Silverlake and we did our Smith cover band cover and some guy came over after the show was like, “Oh man, you guys were really good. It’s amazing, man, between you and Sweet and Tender Hooligans. It’s so great to have these Smiths cover bands.” I was like, “Wait a second, Sweet and Tender Hooligans, who are they?” He’s like, “Oh, you’ve never seen them?”

    So I went and saw Sweet and Tender Hooligans who were a [Latinx] Smith’s cover band. They obviously blew our cover band away, and it was only then that I realized that Morrissey had this really specific following in L.A. because of the style of singing, and then later in his career when he started specifically writing towards it. It’s something that I’ve known for a long time and it just felt like it was so up Luis’ alley, all this sort of arcane knowledge that Luis has, and the idea that maybe his grandmother has a restaurant with a jukebox that only plays Morrissey — it struck as a funny, really specific true-to-life detail that makes Luis, Luis. So that’s really how it ended up there."


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    1. Joe90
      Crikey, You are on the ball as always FWD, you beat me to it by a few mins!
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    2. gordyboy9
      wasp can sting me anytime.
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    3. Anonymous
      I take full credit. In 1989, I was a supervisor at a 10-plex in Chino, CA and we had a 10 CD player to play in the lobby and thetatres. I used to fill it up with Smiths and viva hate to play non stop daily. I'm sure it spread from there.
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    4. Gejo
      Apparently there's a scene in a bar where there's a painting of Morrissey. I wonder who made that portrait and how it looks like.
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    5. countthree
      That's wonderful.
    6. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      Yeah, it was a funny and creative touch to throw this Moz reference in the movie.
      There's gonna be quite a few folks discoverin' Moz's music for the first time because of this movie.
      They're in for one heck of a listening experience!
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    7. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Paul Rudd is one of my favourites. I absolutely adore him, so I was happy to see this.
    8. Tera
      Its in the Mexican trailer, someone posted it a week or so ago. One of the characters is telling a story about his mother owning a bar / restaurant that has a jukebox with nothing but Morrissey songs on it, it cuts to a shot of days Juke box which has a small painting of Morrissey in it.

      Edit, found it. The Morrissey scene starts around 0:55 seconds in.

    9. William Blake's Seven
      William Blake's Seven
      I really enjoyed the first Ant-Man film. Funny and inventive. Looking forward to this one.
    10. Anonymous
      Movie earned double what the first did on opening weekend
    11. Anonymous
      Rudd's ringtone in the movie is Everyday is like Sunday....

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