Another version of a Morrissey song "Paint a vulgar Picture"



Yo homies wassup wasup?
My deal wif Tommy Boy records fell through but Interscope is lookn' to expand deys new Rap label so dey's sign me up for demoze and shiznits.

Well dis be my version of Paint a Vulgar Picture by da' great dawg hisself.

This will be remixed by them hardcore phatty phats The Power Station so should be cool ya'll.

Title: My Dawg Be Capped

(some rap noises, followed by gunshots)
"Yo our star be capped!"
The record producer says
"But don't you worry, we are the MAnand we'ze gonna milk it yo"
At the party, Puff daddy and Snoop be angry
while Geffen and deh homeboys be trippin
"Release a box set my homies" they say.
Everyone pours a malt for the losses
While The Man counts the benj-O-mins.

(some more rap noises, followed by dogs barking)
always plays me, plays me and on day's hand a dead rapper.
The Fat Boys
Public Enemy
and all dem brotha's.

INow The Man is happy as he counts his money
Opression will always be existent by The Man
(some gunshot noises)
Peace ya'll.

Hey that was pretty nifty and sweet right? right. We'll hope all you's jibba jabbas be drinking dey's milk and eating some cookies cawz' we'll know tha' dog is THA DAWG!!!!!!

Moz in deyyaaaaaaaaaaaa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a--a-a-a-a--a-aa-a Cadillac!
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