another Smiths song....... added to set list?

nice add to the setlist if its true

Fulham Road Lights

Passions also says Oscillate Wildly has never been done by Morrissey, with or without the Smiths.

viva pffft.

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He should add some more.

Fulham Road Lights

Interestingly, Work Is A Four Letter Word is considered a Smiths song while Golden Lights isn't. Make it 6 (7 including Oscillate Wildly)


he Did play You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby and I was totaly suprised. The rhythm parts etc. was almost the same as the Smiths original.

hope someone recorded the show...

Orson Swells

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Unhappy Birthday
Well I Wonder
Work Is A Four Letter Word
I Won't Share You

5, I was wrong, from Passions

Does anyone know when he did "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish" - I'd always assumed he hadn't performed it live, but I must have missed it...
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