Another Moz reference on TV


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Ha, ha Moz keeps popping up on TV recently. I was watching a show called 'No Angels' about nurses and one character says to the other 'life isn't supposed to always be fun' and the other replies 'ooh, listen to Morrissey':D

One of the nurses was the asian girl that appears with Johnny Vegas in 'ideal' on BBC2, a show in which he is called 'Moz'!


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i was blipping through the channels this morning and a band on soccer AM mentioned "morrissey with flowers sticking out of his arse got me into music". suppose that's a mention


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How about this piece from New Scientist magazine:
Article "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Google" by Bruce Sterling from Austin, Texas:

Debbie: why do you access me, when you know that makes things hard for me? Why do you tag and link to me? Why do you telephone? And why, why, why do you write me silly notes on paper? I'm so sick of you, Debbie. Why, why do you hack me? It's just to see the things that you know I am writing about you...
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