Another guest list discussion

If I were spending the amount of cash, time & effort Julia must’ve burned through to travel to all those shows I don’t think too unreasonable that she got looked after at the shows themselves

Much trickier now with the types of venues / seated venues and people thinking they’ve paid top whack for front row , which maybe didn’t give them the view they thought they’d get!

My only objection is when Morrissey himself distracts/detracts from the show / the rest of the audience to have private (well not so private!) conversations with people who tour about following him, it’s too much of were In with In Crowd / bowling or golf club mentality
Does Morrissey actually do that though? Just wondering.
Well the self entitled peeps are already congregating in other peeps seats. Shitfield, Boring Nige, Lazy Luke and the rest. 🤬
Observations from the gantry.
Masked up Babs, Luke and crew all plotting to relieve people of their front row seats from early on. Then come the encore, birthday boy Nige who has also joined in with this self entitled behaviour was shoving innocent, unsuspecting people out of the way again. A grown man of his age, acting like an 11 year old on his first multiple date tour. His children must be so proud.
We “rushed” the stage.
He possibly qualifies as the worst dressed man, alongside grubby Luke. Andy and Twina are evidently dying to be noticed by M. Bombarding crew & family with messages is just wrong.
But more fool them if they wish to be saddled with debt for buying M gifts. Very sad & empty lives.
Trina needs professional help. 12 months following M and she hasn’t a good word to say about anyone, including those she befriends.
Attention seekers of the world unite.
How sad it is to see and hear Nigella behaving in the ways described.
I think he started to let all this Moz Army Regular get to his head last year and he now feels he’s an entitled super fan. I have noticed he likes to boast, no one could keep him quiet at the recent MA meet.
To see him acting the way he has been recently is a modern tragedy.
But he does wear a Morrissey shirt and pin badge every day and on his pyjamas so we must take that into consideration.
He loves KFC though, so that reduces his credibility. 🐔🍗
Think Morrissey sprayed his mouth spray in his direction last night. Bet he stinks worse than a skunk .Nearly had the police coming, over his sexual harassment of my very hetero,happily married,father of 3, brother. What a f..king slimeball. Hope his c..k shrivels up and falls off.
Front row or don't go squad is falling apart. Marianne and Trina have been ousted by the big dawgs running the show.
Just need to clarify. My brother is the Father of a beautiful GAY son so don't be throwing homophobia at me. He is a dirty, dangerous,promiscuous SLUT. If I NEVER see him again it would be too soon.
Well, you know who made it all about her again at the Troxy. Trina viciously attacking long time fans again. This awful woman who has made every gig about herself since last July, simply can’t help but put the knife into beautiful people. Listening about her histrionics in Dublin was cringeworthy. Pretending to feint is worthy of a gogglebox appearance in itself.
Good riddance to this one.
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