Another glimpse of Jake in a photo...

Gin N Tonic Jil

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I've a lot of old fanzines that have Jake snaps. When I get out of this lazy sunbathers rut, I'll scan and post............pass the cocoa tanning sprey.



I am a Ghost

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He was very nice to my then baby when Mrs.Ghost met him back in '97. I seem to recall an interview somewhere in which he discussed the possibility of having children. I think it was with Will Self.

King Leer

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Having children with Will Self?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

The exchange went something like:

"Have you ever thought of having children?"

kingdai said:
not much of a looker is he, this 'jake' fella
Not at aII.........he's actuaIIy pretty f***ing ugIy compared to Moz, I just don't get it!
He must have a very interesting personaIity or "something" ;)
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