Another fake


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Thought id be faceitious

Hi im realy interested in this,its my favorite Lp,and to have it signed would be a real thrill,could you tell me where and when it was signed?

regards Alan

Truthful answer should read in my beroom last night using my foot to write with!


Does anyone feel bad for the people who are actually bidding on these items? Has someone messaged them to let them know that these are fake?


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I dont mean to start a war here but why do you automatically think that somethings a fake 'cos it don't look lke the one you have? remember Moz autographs span over 20 years now and i know mine has varied in this time, especially when a piece of paper is thrust under my nose. Yes i know there's no real way of knowing but people have to make their own decisions,
And before anyone says it, i'm not either of the sellers.
Thanks for your time, now please don't slaughter me.
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