Anne Marie Waters tweets NME article about Morrissey backing

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By davidt on Oct 5, 2017 at 7:17 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Oct 5, 2017.

    1. URBANUS
      I've had an eye on Robinson/Lennon/whatever his name is in recent years cause Luton happens to be the twin town of Eskilstuna. and accommodation/Pages/Town twinning.aspx

      I somehow doubt him in that I suspect that what he does has more to do with him getting attention than actually changing anything. Acting like that willl only serve to infuriate people and the only outcome is violence.

      There are problems of course but extremists are a minority who are able to hijack everyday life for us all taking away everything that is good and decent.
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    2. Anonymous
      She does have a look of Justine Frischmann,
    3. Cornflakes
      Very likely the problem here is that you don't understand what the term "Sharia law" means. Most Muslims will say it is integral to their religion and they can't possibly not support it. But it isn't a specific thing. It's like asking Christians if they believe in the Bible. You will get a lot of yeses. But if you ask "Do you believe dead people can be brought miraculously back to life", you will not get so many.
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    4. URBANUS
      He also lives in England and Switzerland and I don't know if you know this but few if any LIVE in LA cause they tend to hide out there away from it all. It is a place of leisure and has absolutely nothing of worth and you know full well the LA sun killed his creativity to the point we are here bitching about it.

      Go cool off in a public pool will ya but don't ruin your hair in the process.
    5. URBANUS
      Brett Anderson just announced that he will re release the song "The beautiful ones" but changing the title to "The Ugly one" with lyrics that go like this:

      "Here she comes the ugly one
      ba ba ba ba ba "
    6. Surface
      Your ignorance is stunning. In a week when some fucking maniac in your country of residence shot nearly 500 people, killing 59,you have the gaul to come on here and call other posters countries backward. That could just as easily have been a Morrissey concert. Climb back under your rock and stay there you utter cunt.
    7. URBANUS
      Thanks for making the obvious very clear Yawnflakes.
    8. scumbag
      Could you demonstrate that I don't understand Sharia law? Also, I'm citing a poll. Is their data somehow false? Of course, sharia is a major part of islam as well as the constitution of muslim majority countries. That is part of the problem. As Waters states "the koran says 'beat her'". Does my (theoretical) un-understanding of sharia law make what sharia law requires disappear? No. Does any fault of mine make the mutilation of children, gender segregation and the torture of gay men go away or somehow unreal? No. I think of the fact that there are hundreds of millions of peaceful muslims who have somehow squared the koran with the twenty-first century. And that's a plus. It's those who have not who everyone needs to try to persuade, gently and over time, that the mistakes of islam have already been made before for far longer by other religions and that history is instructive in that regard.
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    9. Cornflakes
      Your whole problem is that you're imagining that it consists in a long unalterable list of things that all Muslims do or believe. For most Muslims, "Do you subscribe to Sharia?" is basically the same question as "Are you a Muslim?" So, if someone answers "Yes", then that undoubtedly means they are a Muslim. But it doesn't tell you anything specific about their attitude to domestic violence, torture or whatever. And it doesn't help or make sense to insist on imposing your own interpretation of what a Muslim ought to be, particularly if you got it off a far-right politician.

      So, for example, to Quran has a bit in it which is against music, and there is a fairly small minority of Muslims who avoid music because of that. But most are quite happy to listen to music, just like most Christians are quite happy to take out loans and eat prawns, even though both things are forbidden by the Bible.
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    10. Anonymous
      Yeah bla bla but bring ONE MUSLIM on here willing to say that they dont believe in Sharia.
      You dont believe in Sharia you are not Muslim simple as that. Dont be stupid just because you
      want to be an apologist.
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    11. Anonymous
      Support Anne-Marie Waters and Brit First.

      God Save The Queen
    12. Uncleskinny
      Morrissey must be pleased as punch that he's got a load of Nazi apologists on this board sticking up for him.
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    13. URBANUS
      Who is now contemplating suicide thanks to your comparison.

      Seeing you people debate this makes me realise I have moved on and used to be a lot like you people but nowadays I am none the wiser and instead of being lost in it all I prefer to live my life side by side with these awful issues getting us nowhere.

      I wanna add that the swedish party Sverigedemokraterna, labelled racist for years, have more or less overnight lost a lot of support cause of certain things. Not so much cause the media published stories about the party members but the fact that people after a while realise that no party seems to be able to fix and sort out the problems we are facing.

      Parties like SD and UKIP feed off the discontent but that can only last for a while and then we have to focus on the things that make our every day lives function. The more politics dictate our lives the more hopeless it gets and I know the general opinion is that everything is politics so stop the world cause I want off it.
    14. Cornflakes
      No probs, anus.
    15. URBANUS
      My name has been Rub Anus for centuries, correct that please!

    16. URBANUS

      Do you think Moz is hooked on controversy like I am to sugar?

      Devouring a Geisha later:

    17. Anonymous
      I dont think Nazis wear Black Panthers Tshirts. I mean, get real, ffs.
    18. Uncleskinny
      You're right. That cunning ruse fooled us all, didn't it.
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    19. Nikita
      No it is not the same at all.

      One thing among others about islam : in all muslim countries, when a woman can inherit from her father, it is only the half of what her brother will get. If it is fine with you, good for you, bit don’t call me racist or nazi, because it is not fine with me.
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    20. Anonymous
      TRULY you must reverse> MOZ dont like BLACK PANTHER JAMES BALDWIN and DICK GREGORY and nice lady ANN WALTERS!! nice lady who want to stop the bad people from WHOOSHING MOZ from the rooftop!!!

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