Anne Marie Waters tweets NME article about Morrissey backing

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By davidt on Oct 5, 2017 at 7:17 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Oct 5, 2017.

    1. Anonymous
      Nope. You are berating Islam as being historically violent and based on bullshit, but Christianity is essentially the same. So why are you avoiding the question?
    2. EllisFirestone
      I am not avoiding the question, you are trying to avoid the question by changing the topic. Do you agree with me about Islam?
    3. Anonymous
      I think I might know less about the history of Islam as a whole than you do, but essentially I believe all religions are bullshit and just another form of escapism, and a way to dumb down the masses. I believe that these is a culture of violence within a small segment of Islam currently, just as there is within Christian extremists, although Islamic extremists seem to be getting their shit done, so to speak. That doesn’t mean I find Christian extremists any less worrying on the whole, another OK City will be just around the corner sometime soon. So, do you consider yourself religious at all?
    4. Anonymous
      Uncleskinny, I've only posted under one name and one name only, being Anonymous. Second, I work with migrants every day, many of which are Muslim, teaching them Dutch, helping them integrate into a new country. I have no problem with these people at all, on the contrary, but I do have a problem with some key elements within their religion and I am concerned about certain views that (many of) my Muslim students hold concerning gender equality, homosexuality, transsexuality, the role of religion within society, freedom of speech.
      I really feel bad for you, being brainwashed and not allowing people to think critically about a religious ideology. You are the true fascist on this board; throwing the racist-tag at anyone who holds a different opinion than you.
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    5. EllisFirestone
      So why were you so keen to play 'whataboutery'. What is achieved by showing that that Christianity also has a violent history?

      Christian extremism is far less worrying because they are not the ones carrying out murders, tortures and rapes on a massive scale every day. A so called small segment of Islam is in the millions. Even if christian extremism were as much of a worry that would not change the reality and threat of radical Islam, so why the need for whataboutery?

      I live in the UK where children were murdered at a pop concert recently, I care about that, I dont care about imaginary christian/buddhist/sikh extremists. You must deal with what is in front of you, not the past, not what-ifs.

      An argument is either good or bad on its merit, who is making the argument is irrelevant, why do you want to know if I am religious or not? How would my answer change my argument or your perception of it?

      I want people to start using their bloody brains, especially young people, make an argument, look at the evidence, discuss, debate, remove the emotion, remove the politics, just look at the bloody argument on its merits. Is Islam a good thing? No, NO and No.
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    6. Cornflakes
      Why do you keep bringing up "whataboutery"? Are you trying to change the subject?
    7. EllisFirestone
      Because I know the tricks leftists use, whatabouttery, appeals from emotion, conflation of issues, intellectual dishonesty, name-calling, personal insults etc. I take away the leftists tools and force them into the narrow channel of debate and watch them burn...
    8. Anonymous
      It wouldn’t necessarily change my argument. I just want to know because I am nosey and curious.
    9. Educating Uncleskinny
      Educating Uncleskinny
      Thanks Uncleskinny.
      First off, I've only posted under one name, being Anonymous, so far in this thread and I've only posted one message (being the first one I'm quoting here). But I've changed my username as you can see.
      Secondly, I work with migrants every day, many of which are Muslim, teaching them Dutch to help them integrate in their new country. I have no problem with them whatsoever, but I do have a problem with some of aspects of their religion and I do worry about some of the views many of them hold (eg. on gender equality, homosexuality, transsexuality, freedom of speech, the role of religion within society...).
      It's very sad and simplistic that you throw the racist-tag at anyone who doesn't share your beliefs.
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    10. Anonymous
      VERY GOOD WOMAN!! Please help her and vote her!! She wants to stop the bad people from throwing out idol MOZ from the roof in NYE party!! MOZ friend!!
      VERY BRAVE WOMAN very handsome woman.:bouquet:
    11. Anonymous
      Leftists are insane, they rave and rant against what was, essentially, their own agenda fifteen years ago LOL
    12. Cornflakes
      That's the second funniest thing I've read today. Gold star.
    13. Anonymous
      You sound like a total douche.
    14. Anonymous
      There is so much truth to this.. I'm sure anyone who has ever debated with a lefty using facts can relate.
    15. billybu69
      worth watching.
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    16. URBANUS
      She looks awful in every way, like Brett Andersons twisted sister who used drugs since the age of 14.

    17. g23
      Well, at least you stopped pretending you're not. That's a step in the right direction. Now let's get you pointed in a direction where you don't demonize a whole religion based on their most extreme members. Kind of like how I don't suggest using the Westboro Baptist Church to define and demonize Christianity.
    18. scumbag
      It's worth checking out the Pew poll conducted in muslim majority countries. In Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, the percentage of residents supporting sharia law was around 90 percent. In Afghanistan, it was around 99 percent. Please feel free to check for yourselves. These are not opinions. They're verified data. Being against islam is not racist or bigoted or "islamaphobic" (my least favorite non-word). Being against islam is about opposing a set of values - and I use the word value very loosely here - that have never worked and are also incompatible with secularism in modernity (for Americans and other citizens of developed nations, think of how you don't have to pay a form of tax to the dominant religion in your country). For the women and men who have female relatives and friends, think about how they don't have to enclose themselves in a bag. A bag. Forget the euphemistic expressions for it, including hijab. It is a bag. A bag not chosen, generally, because the alternative is facing state-sanctioned violence for exposing the body. And consider that, women might not be able to go out for a drive. Or report a crime. For anyone LGBT+ or allies, think about how queer men and women have been forced into marriages. Think about gay men having their rears filled with superglue as a punishment for being gay. Think about a girl's genitals being mutilated. Although it is a culture, islam is a set of demonstrably terrible and harmful ideas required as practice.

      For those who say it's just "different" or "it's their faith, it's what they believe," please imagine these "values" being mandated here in the United States. Just a thought experiment. Imagine that sharia law is not only considered of standing worthy of equality to any other set of beliefs in the USA, imagine the values of islam superseding constitutional law. Would you want to live in that country? Would its "values" still be viewed as "just different"? Would you play along or campaign against such madness?

      The common argument that can be summed up as "christianity has problems too" only defers the glaring abuses mandated by the koran. The problems that arise routinely in the practice of islam don't go away because christianity has its own litany of issues. The islam issues are still there.

      Morrissey is an imperfect messenger for what I've written above. While he is learned, thoughtful, and articulate on music and literature, I don't think it's reasonable to also expect him to dedicate his time to religious matters as well. Another person posted a video on here regarding the candidate in question. What is there to disagree with?

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    19. URBANUS
      The shit just hit the fan...
    20. AztecCamera
      Why are all you Brits, Euros, and other assorted foreigners on this site if you don't support Uncle Steve's anti-Islam beliefs? I don't get you people. You talk shit about him, he doesn't tour your backwards countries, he lives about as far away in LA as he can get from you people, and he is living the American dream. Support him or go home.

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