Anne Marie Waters tweets NME article about Morrissey backing

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By davidt on Oct 5, 2017 at 7:17 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Oct 5, 2017.

    1. EllisFirestone
      Wahhabism is not the driving ideology of Islamic extremism, it's just one of many popular ones, specifically in SA.
    2. the_kaz
      Not true. Saudi Arabian Wahhabism is the fundamental ideology of most Sunni Islamic extremist organisations, like Al-Qaeda (which has massive roots in Saudi Arabia) and Islamic State. It's also the ideology being pushed in many of the newly-built Saudi Arabian-funded "mega mosques" springing up in the West and across the world. Unfortunately, Wahhabism isn't limited to Saudi Arabia, although that is very much its epicenter, and there are many complex reasons for why it's spreading across the world right now (which you wouldn't know about if you get your worldview on Islam from the likes of Ann Marie Waters).

      Instead of blaming the entire religion of Islam, and treating all Islamic countries like they're Saudi Arabia, people should spend a little bit of time examining Wahhabism and its spread. If they did that, the first thing they'd do is ask why our own governments (by which I mean the UK and US) are aiding and abetting its spread by propping up the legitimately-barbaric regime that promulgate this sickness. I'm not necessarily a fan of Islam (or any religion, for that matter), but Wahhabism is very much a sickness.
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    3. Anonymous
      How any woman can not be against islam defies belief. women showing support for a ideology which represses them as treats them as property can only be explained by brainwashing and stockholm syndrome. this ukip woman sounds entirely sane... is it just the rest of the (white liberal) world that is deluding themselves this is a "religion of peace" ? it's insane that western society can act like they stand for freedom, women and gay rights, but then turn a blind eye to this type of ideology in their midst. how can this actually be a free society when the rules are "bent' for large groups based on 'culture'? I havent even got into how europe and the uk can have animal cruelty laws for the Europeans, but then allow immigrants to torture animals with halal. it's everywhere in the uk. what about the meat eaters who don't want animals tortured more than they need to be? do they have a say about their cultural desires? i'd love to hear morrissey's comments on halal. i find it disgusting all over the shops in the uk ... you might as well put up signs "we love causing pain to animals while we kill them'
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    4. Anonymous
      What is wrong is the blanket ignorance that seems to accompany most of the anti Islamic rhetoric. People who have absolutely no notion about the religion. Take your point above as an example - You're talking about Sharia law as if it is in practice in every Muslim country under the sun. There is a huge difference between being against Islam and being against Sharia law. All moral people would be against Sharia law, that's a non-starter. By all means be against the ideology of Sharia law but stop talking about it like it is a component of Islam. It really isn't.

      Just on the subject of the UK by the way - your government (Assuming you are British) are in the laps of the most brutal and oppressive regime in the Middle East - Saudi Arabia. A country which stands for absolutely everything you seem to be against. Your own Maggie May recently suppressed the content of a report detailing the foreign funding of UK extremists. Now why would she do that? It's very simple - Do not upset the apple cart. There are far too many riches and arms deals at risk so she must appease the head choppers in Saudi Arabia.

      The whole world is complicit in this. Britain KNOWS what is going on and they are happy to let it continue as long as their pockets are being lined. So please stop pretending that so called civilised societies who happen not to be Muslim are the moral custodians of the world.

      Final point - Why don't you pop out to your local catholic church after mass one day and ask the church goers whether they think homosexuality should be illegal. you know what, don't, because we already know the answer.

      Ah selective outrage...
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    5. Anonymous
      Loving the people on here using the 'eneitled to his opinion' card. Just accept the fact that Mozzer is a bell end who harbors some very very unsavory views.
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    6. countthree
      That's why I wrote in a previous post that if you are a feminist you are OBLIGED to condemn and fight against the contemporary mainstream interpretation of quran promoted by most muslim (religious) states and the culture of hate, terrorism and discrimination derived from that interpretation.
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    7. EllisFirestone
      Oh this is so easy, please explain Iran genius...oh and the 1200 or so Islamist groups, most of whom have no interest in Wahhabism as there roots go much further back...Islam was spread through terror in the first place, just who are you trying to kid?
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    8. countthree
      It's not about blaming the religion. It's about condemning the acts of terror, hate and discrimination produced by the criminal interpretation of that religion. It doesn't care if all those acts are considered crimes -or not- by all the muslims around the world, but surely those acts are considered crimes for western societies in western territories. That's why it's sickening the way fake liberals DO NOT strongly condemn those crimes and seem more interested in not being called "racists". Who are the true "racists" here, the criminals or the victims?

      Anyway, you don't have to analize the reasons that criminals invoke to commit murders, rapes, gender and sexual orientation discrimination, plotting, hate crimes, money laundering, human trafficking, brainwash, etc. You just have to condemn the crimes, the damaging actions. Who cares about the name they use to justify their criminal interpretation of their own religion. They can use hundreds of names or no name, who fucking cares if it's Wahhabism or any other name. Their religion, their names. Real everyday crimes and potential danger are the actual problem, not the names.
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    9. EllisFirestone
      someone who isn't brainwashed, I really hope you are young...
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    10. EllisFirestone
      Oh yah guys, its like totally nothing to do with Islam when Islamic terrorists carry out daily terror attacks over and over and over, its like totally all white christians fault and stuff and like white privilege and stuff and like totally bad America and stuff yah....
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    11. countthree
      Forever young.
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    12. Anonymous
      Surah 33:21 of the Quran
      Mohamed is the pattern of conduct for Muslims

      Muhammad said: "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, kill him."
      Sahih al-Bukhari 6922
      Tabari 9:69
      Killing unbelievers is a small matter to us.
      Bukhari 52:177
      I have been made victorious with terror.

      Surah 48:29
Those with Muhammad are ruthless against the disbelievers

      Surah 8:55
      Surely the vilest of animals in God's sight are the non-Muslims.

      I could do this for days, but I'll stop right there.
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    13. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      'Well, it looks like Anne Marie Waters considers Morrissey a supporter:'

      nah, just another lost soul ridding on his coattails.
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    14. EllisFirestone
      To be fair, he mentioned her, not the other way around..
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    15. Anonymous
      You aren’t doing yourself any favours in this thread. Do you support the EDL and/or Britain First? UKIP perhaps? Be honest now.
    16. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      yeah, but he's just a 'pop star', why should she or anyone care what he says.

      And mentioning someone is not supporting someone or their ideas or actions.
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    17. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      love the new songs !!!

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    18. vegan.cro
      Beautiful songs, aren't they. LP will be marvelous. Just with BBC6 songs - no doubt it is smashing
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    19. Anonymous
      You don’t get it, do you? Yes, maybe just the act of mentioning someone is not supporting them, but it’s the context as well. Both with LePen and Waters he mentions them and the fact that they were either set up or plotted against. There is nothing in any of his statements that is even remotely condemning in nature or alluding to any dislike; in fact his words in context allude to the exact opposite. I read it as quite sympathetic actually, as did a lot of other people. Not long ago people like Paul Watson, Milo, Richard Spencer etc., were coming out in public support of his statement re: the Manchester bombing. Did he mention anywhere that he thought that they should piss off? Nope, and actually his silence speaks volumes on this matter.
    20. Surface
      Apparently in 2015 there were 100k Islamic terrorists out of 1.6 billion followers of Islam. That’s not many.

      Since 2014, 2043 people have lost their lives to Islamic terrorists

      In 2015; 13286 Americans lost their lives to fellow Americans who shot them.

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