Anne Marie Waters tweets NME article about Morrissey backing

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By davidt on Oct 5, 2017 at 7:17 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Oct 5, 2017.

    1. Uncleskinny
      They're all the same person with the same IP.
    2. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      Why? For having different views to your own?
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    3. countthree

      I wonder how many British women could graduate in Oxford if UK society were predominantly Muslim, circumstance not at all unlikely considering demographics.

      Supposing they could go out of their homes alone and drive a car to assist to their classes. And supposing they could avoid being married at 15 y.o. Of course, their five or six brothers would have priority.

      Yes, lots of men would be less losers just because they could enjoy sex privileges like muslim men do in muslim societies.
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    4. the_kaz
      You seem to be equating repressive Wahhabi regimes, such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia, with all "muslim societies". That's like if I equated "Christian societies" with Congo and Mississippi.
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    5. countthree
      Please, don't fool me.
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    6. vegan.cro
      This is very interesting book, novel by French writer Michel Houellebecq: Submission (French: Soumission):

      In 2022, François, a middle-aged literature professor at Paris III and specialist in Huysmans, feels he is at the end of his sentimental and sexual lives – composed largely of year-long liaisons with his students. It has been years since the last time he created any valuable university work. France is in the grip of political crisis – in order to stave off a National Front victory, the Socialists ally with the newly formed Muslim Brotherhood Party, with additional support of the Union for a Popular Movement, formerly the main right-wing party. They propose the charming and physically imposing Islamic candidate Mohammed Ben-Abbes for the presidency against the National Front leader Marine Le Pen. In despair at the emerging political situation, and the inevitability of antisemitism becoming a major force in French politics, François' young and attractive Jewish girlfriend, Myriam, emigrates to Israel. His mother and father die. He fears that he is heading towards suicide, and takes refuge at a monastery situated in the town of Martel, Lot. The monastery is an important symbol of Charles Martel's victory over Islamic forces in 732; it is also where his literary hero, Huysmans, became a lay member.

      Ben-Abbes wins the election, and becomes President of France. He pacifies the country and enacts sweeping changes to French laws, privatizing the Sorbonne, thereby making François redundant with full pension as only Muslims are now allowed to teach there. He also ends gender equality, allowing polygamy. Several of François' intellectually-inferior colleagues, having converted to Islam, get good jobs and make arranged marriages with attractive young wives. The new president campaigns to enlarge the European Union to include North Africa, with the aim of making it a new Roman Empire, with France at its lead. In this new, different society, with the support of the powerful politician Robert Rediger, the novel ends with François poised to convert to Islam and the prospect of a second, better life, with a prestigious job, and wives chosen for him.

      The novel mixes fiction with real people: beside Le Pen, François Hollande, François Bayrou and Jean-François Copé, among others, fleetingly appear as characters in the book
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    7. Anonymous
      Even in Saudi Arabia, more women than men graduate from university.
    8. countthree
      The novel seems very interesting Vegan. It's fiction, but for Iranian people it's their harsh reality since religious leaders appropriated the government.

      This was Iran during the sixties, fifty years ago:

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    9. the_kaz
      I don't mean to sound condescending, but do you even know what Wahhabism is?
    10. EllisFirestone
      Oh, when did the young become such hysterical weak libtards??? AMW is not extreme anything, she has a point of view, that is all! Some of you kids call anyone right/extreme right just because they are not yoghurt knitters like you. How does this scale work? If AMW is right/extreme right, where is Hitler, Pot, Stalin etc on this little scale????
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    11. vegan.cro
      Yes, couldn't agree more.
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    12. Anonymous

    13. Surface
      In the main she is talking about extremism not Islam. She goes on about Saudi etc but that is their law. She is a dick.
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    14. Anonymous
      Morrissey's fan-base has now become a predominantly alt-right sect; which fits with the middle age autistic, and old maids that are his most loyal followers.

      This only going to get worse, and not enough right wing people respect Morrissey enough for him to compensate. He will be torn apart like hounds on a fox.

      Good luck with the future. He has officially erased his past.
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    15. Anonymous
      Yes, the real world where someone of her interest joins a far right white nationalist party over a single issue that will have microscopic relevance to her broader cause, and endangers the rest of it.

      What a brave, brave soul. Paranoia has always lead to such great results.

      The left in Europe has always had a soft spot for fascism. You're just seeing a rekindling of that spirit after their initial prerogatives were achieved throughout the past fifty years.

      European Liberals are a greater danger to the world than American Conservatives.

      There really is no answer to this problem. It's only getting worse. Violence is becoming the norm. It will trickle down to the average person eventually, and only then will want sobriety.
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    16. Smanton Peeves
      Smanton Peeves
      Free Speech and the right to have one's own OPINION. - The Right-On Brigade, dem no likee....(actually that's a great name for a band...The Right-On Brigade!...)
    17. Anonymous
      You don't seem to like other people's opinions of your opinions. We know the desire to limit free speech is a traditionally conservative interest.

      Let's not pretend that you don't know the difference, comrade.
    18. Anonymous
      Morrissey has become a stoop-shouldered, mutt-faced crank whose personality resembles the state of his skin.

      A cautionary tale.

      Growing old is inherently undignified.
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    19. marred
      Wrap up a bunch of bad ideas and call it a religion and you're good to go.
    20. the_kaz
      Anybody who discusses Islamic extremism without an understanding of its driving ideology, Wahhabism, has no leg to stand on in this debate. And anybody with even the slightest knowledge of Wahhabism (by virtue of the fact that they know what Wahhabism is at all) knows that it's a relatively-recent offshoot of Islam, which is as much an intrinsic part of "Muslim society" as another relatively-recent religious development, Christian fundamentalism, is an intrinsic part of Christianity.

      Incidentally, when that photograph posted above showing women in pre-revolutionary Iran was taken, Iran was still a "Muslim society". It was just a different kind of Muslim society to the one that it is today.
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