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    MORRISSEY, THANK YOU - Anne Marie Waters Official Website
    April 2018 / 19

    Dear Morrissey,

    Thank you for your recent kind words about For Britain; you are obviously a person with the courage to tell it like it is. In fact, I suspect you and I have a few things in common. I’ve always believed in stating plain facts, and that’s what will bring success For Britain.

    We will talk to the back-bone of this country – the working majority. Nobody is listening to the person who gets out of bed, gets the bus to work, pays their bills, raises their kids, and stays within the law. Their opinions mean nothing to a political elite that sees the world as its chess board. Human life is a game they play in Westminster. They have no right, and we will take back the power that rightly belongs to us.

    Like you, I feel a strong compassion for animals, and our policies on animal welfare are very close to my heart. I have two dogs next to me as I write this, and I know how wonderful and clever and affectionate and loving they are. Humanity’s treatment of animals is one of its darkest aspects, and I believe we must change this, for our own sake, as well as for animals.

    Change is coming, and a lot of people won’t like it, including the established press. I see that they are doing to you what they do to me. ‘Journalists’ have decided to portray us as though we’re unhinged, when actually it is they who are simply not intelligent enough to understand the arguments we’re making. They therefore resort to name-calling to disguise this. As you said, they never print what we say, and like you, I wonder why they bother asking me questions at all.

    Thank you for this boost to For Britain. You are one of the only remaining British icons who hasn’t sold out to the thought police.

    Thanks again, you’ll always be welcome on board.

    Anne Marie


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    1. Anonymous
      ...No doubt those 266 disappointed voters will now console themselves with "This is Morrissey", an essential compilation of songs about all things British. :straightface: With, we can assure you, not a trace of that uropian foreign nonsense in it. Not a trace, you hear! Oh no, certainly not. No siree. 100% kosher Anglo English made in Britain ingredients and nothing else! Or your fiver back!

      Ann Marie and Mori, what a duet that was.

      Speaking of clowns, it's been a while since we last heard from Gammon and Damon.
      I'm genuinely worried they've finally made each other laugh to death in Germany...
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    2. reelfountain
      Of course. Why would the people of Lewisham East vote for change when they love the system the way it is?
    3. Truth
      I posted as Inspector Clouseau a few times but I was not Biebs. So it's two different people at least. There might be several vegan.cro's and maybe one or more of them are/were Biebs but maybe none of them are. I was accused of being Biebs but I wasn't.
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    4. reelfountain
      How does it show this?
      Who said she was going to win? Surely she stood for publicity reasons only.
      The only surprise is that Labour didn't win 100% of the votes.
      As I've said earlier, apart from its posh-Liberal luvvie enclave of Blackheath, Lewisham East is a non-English shithole - full of people who would never vote anything other than Labour.
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    5. Surface
      I don't give a fuck mate - she's a loser and always will be
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    6. Surface
      Of course you did - i have no interest in you at all so fuck off
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    7. Anonymous
      She stood in the same seat in 2015 and got 9.1%, so 1.2% three years later is not exactly a flying start.
    8. Truth
      While you're looking up the word "troll" in the year 2018 look up "lolcow." It might have your picture next to the definition.
      You apparently do have some "interest" because you're claiming one of the names I posted under (for a joke) is someone else that you have a problem with. I just thought you'd like to reel it back in because you're having a little meltdown so I helpfully and politely corrected you.
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    9. reelfountain
      I don't know her - maybe you do.

      All I know is she heads a party that at least looks like an interesting alternative to the Labour/ Tory system that we've had for almost 100 years now.

      Maybe you and others like the way things are politically and are not looking for alternatives?
    10. Surface
      No, I don't like the way things are politically, I think we have a weak person in place now, I think we have a complete tosser as leader of the main opposition, however i prefer either of them over what waters stands for.
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    11. reelfountain
      Why? Are you saying she wouldn't be a good opposition?
    12. Surface
      No I don't think she would.
    13. reelfountain
      I think she would because at the moment we have two groups of clowns from the same circus. It needs to be shaken up a bit.
    14. Cornflakes
      I'm confused. Why would intelligent people of all backgrounds not be attracted to For Britain's common sense, non-racist agenda? Quite a lot of them - most of them, in fact - seem to have been happy to vote for parties other than Labour.
    15. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      That's interesting...........What exactly do you want in a party?
    16. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Funny. I see what your doing there.
    17. Cornflakes
      Can you think of a reason, though?
    18. reelfountain
      Labour won, Liberal Democrats came second - because Liberal D. is what the Labour luvvies vote for when they're having a lover's tiff with Labour (ie 'anti-semitism', Corbyn being anti-EU etc.)
      A lack of 'common sense' all round I'd say.
    19. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      I've seen this numerous still cracks me up.

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    20. reelfountain
      Just watched it. Really funny.

      Limousine Lefty Damon Albarn would be triggered if he seen that.

      Just remembered that he lives in a big white mansion in Notting Hill with something like 20 bedrooms!

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