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    MORRISSEY, THANK YOU - Anne Marie Waters Official Website
    April 2018 / 19

    Dear Morrissey,

    Thank you for your recent kind words about For Britain; you are obviously a person with the courage to tell it like it is. In fact, I suspect you and I have a few things in common. I’ve always believed in stating plain facts, and that’s what will bring success For Britain.

    We will talk to the back-bone of this country – the working majority. Nobody is listening to the person who gets out of bed, gets the bus to work, pays their bills, raises their kids, and stays within the law. Their opinions mean nothing to a political elite that sees the world as its chess board. Human life is a game they play in Westminster. They have no right, and we will take back the power that rightly belongs to us.

    Like you, I feel a strong compassion for animals, and our policies on animal welfare are very close to my heart. I have two dogs next to me as I write this, and I know how wonderful and clever and affectionate and loving they are. Humanity’s treatment of animals is one of its darkest aspects, and I believe we must change this, for our own sake, as well as for animals.

    Change is coming, and a lot of people won’t like it, including the established press. I see that they are doing to you what they do to me. ‘Journalists’ have decided to portray us as though we’re unhinged, when actually it is they who are simply not intelligent enough to understand the arguments we’re making. They therefore resort to name-calling to disguise this. As you said, they never print what we say, and like you, I wonder why they bother asking me questions at all.

    Thank you for this boost to For Britain. You are one of the only remaining British icons who hasn’t sold out to the thought police.

    Thanks again, you’ll always be welcome on board.

    Anne Marie


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    1. Surface
      Morning Biebs/ Inspector Jacques Clouseau, how sad that someone who was banned, posts anonymously and tries to imitate Vegan Cro who was also banned.

      You have been found out you fucking tool and just like last time
      you have latched on to a particular topic and trolled non stop for the last few weeks.

      What a fucking sad life you must have you Troll wanker
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    2. Peppermint
      Architecture plays a big part, for me: how a town/city looks when you drive into it, the patchwork of buildings from different eras and the story they tell, plus the inherent character of the locals. Little built-in traditions like a sense of fair play and looking out for your neighbours. Quirks which have survived hundreds of years, like cheese rolling contests and (in the village where I grew up), New Year's Day wheelbarrow races. The huge and colourful variety of regional accents - an astonishing amount, for such a small island. A love of the underdog, and the Great British Eccentric. And irony. I'm pretty sure we invented irony.
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    3. vegan.cro  spirit #115
      vegan.cro spirit #115
      Hmmm, I just recalled how you happened to be missing for two weeks as well.:confused:
      Benny gone two weeks, you two weeks.....if only we had a detective, preferably a gay one,
      to figure this out.:pray:
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    4. Surface
      You have been found out you troll prick.
    5. vegan.cro  spirit #115
      vegan.cro spirit #115
      And Brummie is Handy.:crazy:

      Shouldn't you be packing? Weren't you moving to a country more suitable to your Muslim sensibilities?
      Fascination with sitting a cactus, what is that all about?:laughing:
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    6. Surface
      Point to a post where I said I was going away Biebs, looks Like you are also a liar as well as a troll. As I said before, not sure why you have an issue with me having a couple of Muslim mates? So what do we have with you Biebs, Troll, liar and a racist, your parents will be so proud of you.
    7. vegan.cro  spirit #115
      vegan.cro spirit #115
      You were asked to leave for denigrating the UK.
      Repeat: "Long Live King and Country Long Live the UK"
      Do it:rolleyes:

      You cant, can you? Thats why you were asked to leave to a Muslim country suitable to you POV.:thumb:
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    8. Surface
      Lol, look at you, you pathetic twat. You have been called out a as the bannned bell end Biebs, so you resort to typical troll behaviour and start telling lies. Funny how every time you come on here under various guises, the pattern is always the same.

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    9. URBANUS
      Her brothers have a message:

    10. Sheila Smith
      Sheila Smith
      I agree that more control of people from Muslim countries coming to the West is needed, in any country no just UK. You can see more mosques being build, where in the past it was rare. I think sometimes, that the Muslim world is, very slowly, conquering the West and attacking us with their terrorist actions. It's not just a UK problem. Most of them don't even mix with us and they live in a ghetto sort of speak. However, I do believe people from other parts of the world who come in search of a better life and that mix and adapt and work here should be welcome.
    11. E Scott
      E Scott
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    12. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      Dear Anne Marie Waters, life is hard enough when you belong here. ;)
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    13. vegan.cro  spirit #505
      vegan.cro spirit #505
      Dear readers:

      Just a moment to let you know a couple of things.
      First, I have been perusing For Britain polices and attitudes. The result, friends, is that its a fine aggrupation
      led by a corageous leader.
      They have very reasonable and sensible agenda for the benefit of the British worker and middle class
      the backbone of the country, in fact. Islam is minimized to its proper degree.:praying:

      Secondly, Moz hit the mark again, bullseye for the Mozzer. Its uncanny, how insightful and correct
      his politcal pronouncments turn out to be.:thumb:

      So, unless you are of the "Britain is about Drink Drug Handouts and Islam" persuasion, there can be but one
      voting option: Ann Marie and For Britain.
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    14. Anonymous
      My guess is that she's never watched the One show either...Too early probably. (Morrissey was still half in bed then but awake enough to "not sympathize" with the blue collared back-bone, I seem to remember! Yet another reason to never watch morning tv!)

      That's the funny thing about all those new-found alliances. Noone is very certain who the others really are, but they are all happy to use one another if they think it's useful.

      Well it's useful if they're thinking about becoming clowns.

      Isn't it rich?
      Isn't it queer?
      Losing my timing this late in my career?
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    15. Surface
      Last nights Lewisham East election shows how out of touch Morrissey is, Waters recieved 266 votes from the 21979 that voted.
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    16. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      With a turnout of 33.4%... Labour was always going to win. Times are changing and all sorts of things are going to be sorted, including getting rid of postal voting for ANYBODY and people voting twice.

      Funny fact: 'Russia' spent more money trying to get commie Corbyn elected than they did on Brexit tweets.
    17. E Scott
      E Scott
      God that is a seriously embarrassing result...I'm sure she'll play the victim card to account for her parties shitty result. Lewisham East don't want her so there.
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    18. Malcolm Tucker
      Malcolm Tucker
      A turnout of 33.4%, of whom Waters only managed to con 1.2% into voting for her.
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    19. reelfountain
      Why did Waters run in an area like Lewisham East? Apart from the white liberal middle class enclave of Blackheath it's an absolute black/foreign shithole.

      The only surprise is that Labour didn't win 100%.

      Congrats to the 93 people who voted for the Monster Raving Loony Party!
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    20. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      Haha, fuckwits of Lewisham unite and take 1.2%.
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