Anne Marie Waters: Morrissey supports For Britain


What a load of f***ing horseshit. If he cares about animals he could have supported the Greens or Lib Dems. But he didn't. He went for the Nazis.

Hey there Uncle Stiffy...Nazis ??? Really now ?IT was 80 years ago...who cares...unless yer a j-word, besides a potty-mouth foul tart ! You don't buy the "holyhoax", gimmick do ya ? How about Hitler on the moon the S.POLE flying spacehips...NO? ...good...Hitler is in wallpaper your your sex fantasies ?... all of the above !
The new global culture of London that you and the establishment espouse includes daily acid attacks and kids attacking and killing each other with machetes and swords on a scale never before known. This is not an improvement. It is the intentional 'third worlding' of a western city.

The future of globalisation will only bring division and encourage staunch ethno-nationalism where before there was relative social harmony. If you can't see this you have no foresight. What we are seeing in London is only the beginning of globalisation. Prepare for future Balkans-style civil wars across Europe and the US for future generations. The only people to benefit will be the usual 1%.

Keep celebrating the diversity (like an establishment mug) if you wish - but it will only bring the future of mass friction and hellish violence closer.

Not bad !...But we are pro mass immigration of entire world of 8 billion swingin dicks into White nations....that way a massive, vicious and lethal UNCIVIL WAR WILL BE ALL YOUR JUST REWARDS FOR n***** LOVING AND bowing to nasty rank
juuuu$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Please enjoy !
My name's Reelfountain. I'm a racist and paedophile apologist. I've been trolling these threads since 2017 after it became clear Morrissey was endorsing the right-white agenda. I'd never come out and say I was racist, oh no. I don't have the balls for that. Instead I pervade this forum with my racist tropes. It's important to note I'm not a Morrissey fan. Never have been. Never will be. He's just a vehicle for my racist chums and I to hitch our racist wagon to.

I like to think I'm intellectual but if you read any of my tedious rants you'll soon discover a breathtaking stupidity.

I'll say something then deny it. I'm terribly misunderstood and easily misinterpreted. My stupidity means I have no ability to follow any form of discourse that doesn't have blind hatred at its core. Everything negative that had ever occured in this world is entirely the fault of non-whites.

There's no such thing as a white paedophile only a misunderstood victim. My chums and I will defend Jack Renshaw with our last breath. Darling Jack. I must remember to email him some photos of young boys' genitalia.

I'm a staunch mysoginist and therefore see Johnson as a hero. Of course, I'll claim that dear Boris is the victim of a conspiracy and the woman a wretch attempting to topple the great almost-leader. I'll also get terribly indignant and screech something about the Left and how it conspired to make this happen.

My name's Reelfountain. Wherever there is hate it is there that you'll find me.

Don't tell me..." when you were a teenage boy, something got stuck in your throat." Ever since....down hill to the grave.
If expressing love for one's country is now considered 'hate speech' by snowflake liberals, then they should read Orwell's 1984 because he predicted to a tee this very reversal of meanings in a near dystopian future, and they are simply following suit like the wishful totalitarians they are.

The people who support the third-worlding and dystopianizing of England (and the entire Western world) for the interests of Big Business are the real haters among us, yet they deludedly view themselves as saintly as they labour away like worker-ants for globalism.

Even better is to encourage the commie-snowflakes into being unicef volunteers in ebola ridden africa...never heard or seen again......enjoy your travels kiddies. Absolutely HILARIOUS !
for britain
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