Animal rights: civilization or barbarism in Argentina

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by countthree, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. countthree

    countthree Obvious person

    Oct 7, 2015
    Today in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a band of gauchos attacked a peaceful protest of vegans against animal exploitation. OMG, they are kids! :tears:

    If we have to survive as a country we must rise to a highest level of conciousness at many levels. One of the topics we must outgrow is animal rights, we can not go on forever exploiting other sentient beings in this shameful way when we already have other (better) alternatives to thrive. We should keep only good traditions and cease immediately with old harmful practices.

    My father taught me to respect animals and understand that they have more noble feelings than ours. He grew up in the country, and perhaps that is precisely why he saw too much damage to animals being such a sensitive person as he was.

    I love Morrissey for helping me see, I wish he knew this barbarism.
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  2. The Wild Turkey

    The Wild Turkey Wild T!

    Mar 1, 2017
    Them kids got gristle to get out there and take a stand.
    Them kids was just tryin' to help the slobs rise from the slump of their slumber.
    It ain't no surprise that some of the slobs would get violent and kick the kids when their down.
    What the slobs can't get in their thinkin' is that them kids sparked consciousness in some attendin' and some watchin' from afar.
    The seed has been sowed so it's a splendid success!
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  3. Light Housework

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    Dec 21, 2015
    Wow that's awful.
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  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It's not correct to say Buenos Aires as the place is big and wide some italian floozy who ended up there once told me.

    Like saying space.

    I condone of the violence it is the last fun we humans have and we are programmed to kill each other.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I believe that if you start with protesting for animal welfare before human rights are in place it is like buying the cart before the horse.

    But yeah non white cowboys suck and they are laughable.
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