Angelo Galasso shirts worn by Morrissey on 2011 tour

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By Boethius on Jul 1, 2011 at 7:22 PM
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    Sep 7, 2010
    From the forum thread Morrissey's shirt ???:

    Posted by Boethius :
    Surely said shirtings are by Angelo Galasso.​

    Image posted by sweetness522:

    Posted by Dave2006:

    I think Moz should be boycotting this designer:
    I, Maximus! - GQ Magazine

    Made in Italy but a product of London, Angelo Galasso is the designer whose on-the-money interpretations of classic tailoring have become wardrobe staples for playboys and plutocrats. Among the ostrich hide, crocodile skin and super-luxury of his flagship store, GQ talks shop with a man who has come to reinvent menswear.

    The Financial Times may have once described him as "this generation's most inventive image maker", but if your idea of style is ultra-minimal, then Angelo Galasso is probably not your man. Nor will PETA members be his biggest fans, but the Italian king of extravagance is perfectly happy with that. He makes no bones about being very much the Maximus of the fashion arena.

    From his London flagship store next door to Harrods, Galasso supplies the international crowd, from Macau to Moscow and Manchester, who call London home and aren't fazed by paying up to £5,000 for a pair of jeans, as long as some mink or crocodile is involved in the process. And there are plenty of men who want exactly that.​

    Why Moz, why?​

    Images posted by CougarFrog:


    From The Guardian:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Boethius, Jul 1, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      Why not? It's only cotton.
    2. Christ
    3. Anonymous
      What a hypocrite!
    4. Matt S.
      Matt S.
      I presume that no-one here buys clothes from any vendor which sells leather products or buys a single item of food sold at any shop which also sells meat or indeed a single item with by-product derived from animal death.

      Face it, it's impossible to be perfect. We do as we can by our beliefs.
    5. Anonymous
      Moz shouldn't endorse a designer who kills ostriches and mink. And should we endorse such outrageous distributions of weatlh? (You buy the concert tickets you buy into "up to £5,000 for a pair of jeans" for your fave pop-star.)

      Angelo my-asso should take a swim with crocodiles.
    6. Anonymous
      Who's to cast the first stone? They are simply beautiful shirts ( I wouldn't expect Morrissey to wear Marks & Spencers shirts) and no animals - or crocodiles - were harmed for his shirts. The idea is to LIMIT animal suffering but unfortunately in the REAL world most of us have to wear leather shoes and belts. I doubt Morrissey would ever buy any Angelo Galasso items made of ostrich or crocodile skin!

      Morrissey used to wear Gucci shirts on his previous tours - Gucci as a company uses leather and fur all the time!

      My point is; you cannot live your life as a puritan - but you can make small changes with your life-style choices; go vegetarian, choose what you buy and ignore the mainstream. Make up your own mind!
    7. Anonymous
      True! No-one can ever be perfect - but we can try!
    8. Anonymous
      It's akin to going into Burger King and asking for the Bean Burger.
    9. billy scissors
      billy scissors
    10. Anonymous
      True, I personally try to do the best I can... However, I have not built my whole career on being a vegetarian. Morrissey is one of the most vegetarians in the world. There is a massive difference between buying from a store that might stock leather to one that brags about using mink, stingray, crocodile, ostrich etc. The company specialises in making shoes from exotic animal skins, and if must know that. He is a disgrace.
    11. Anonymous

      "A growing business for Galasso is bespoke shoes. They come in every exotic skin you can imagine: crocodile, stingray, ostrich, python, mink, goat, veal... he would have the inmates of London Zoo quivering in their cages, especially as customers order up to 20 pairs at a time. Or more, if they're tempted to get their children in on the act as Galasso offers smaller sizes, too. There is something a little strange about seeing a tiny pair of crocodile-skin shoes, but if you're the kid who has everything...

      And what about the £5,000 pairs of jeans? "They're not jeans, they are works of art," he laughs. "The art is in the detailing and the finishing. These are trousers you could keep until the day you die."

      Not quite the same as picking up a shirt from your local store and also sells leather shoes and belts. Wasn't he once voted Peta's sexiest vegetarian? Don't think they would want him for their cover boy now.
    12. Anonymous
      What a disappointment that the designer is such a disgrace. :( I really like the shirts. They look great and Morrissey in them. Good thing is that Morrissey did not fill the disgraceful designer's pockets unnecessarily and only bought four or five of the shirts.
    13. Anonymous
      what a wonderful world. I must cry now...
      Moz is a split personality...what a double moral!
      Say this but do that. I go barfing..
    14. Matt S.
      Matt S.
      Why are those animals inherently worth more than a cow or a lamb? It is vile, but how much more vile, really? And no, I don't use's relatively easy to find shoes, belts etcetera which do not utilise it,even though I'll concede that the build quality isn't quite the same.

      Yes, Galasso's usage of animal product is horrible, but who has more blood on their fingers? Who's using more carcass, this character or the retailers we use every week? There are probably corner shops with more meaty treats pound for pound. Shades of the Englishman who'll decry dog on the plate of a Korean before rebelling in his Aberdeen Angus?

      Morrissey's mouth patently serves up shit from time to time, sometimes criticism is justified, but in this case isn't his sin a rich man's version of one many of us would be found guilty of?
    15. Anonymous

      Morrissey wore Helmut Lang design jeans (paint splattered jeans) on his 1997 tour - with the West Ham t-shirt (made by a fan). Morrissey has always had an excellent fashion sense........the recent shirts @ Glastonbury are AMAZING.
    16. Black Eyed
      Black Eyed
      I think the main hypocrisy here is to insist his band wear "Fuck Fur" t-shirts whilst he openly advertises shirts made by someone who makes a fortune from using fur.
    17. sdsuedehead
      the man has officially lost his mind....UGLY frilly tops and HIDEOUS heel boots.....whats next, culottes?
    18. Anonymous
      Reading these comments on the shoes and shirts threads make me realise why he wears fuck morrissey solo!
    19. Satlook
      Who ?

      The people on, has lost there mind.

      Viva Morrissey !

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