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    Dec 6, 2008
    "....the interview I did with my old friend and former band mate Johnny Marr.
    We had a chance to talk about the old times, as well as his debut solo album The Messenger...."

    Due for broadcast 25 Feb 2013, full interview available to listen now.

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    1. Uncleskinny
      Thanks for this. Just listened - really nice chat about the early, early days, and nice to hear The Only Ones.

    2. Winston Legtight
    3. celibate
      wonder what Martin Rossiter thinks of this pic with bulldog as eyecatcher [ about rascism and Morrissey and UKIP in the other item]
      this sorta dogs were painted or pictured by some bad people on the right, as a typical Brittish animal ...don't go into details, just mention it because of the Morrissey story]

      another issue is he used the word tricky, also studio, the tv was on and I'm not a native english speaking person...but would it be great
      or for Johnny to work with the artist Tricky, last I heard he moved to NY, but his carreer is on a low level, I think he could make some lyrics and sing/rap/talk with Marr as one of the best guitarist...well it's just maybe one can dream of, but my point is Marr is no singer, he just has to compose music and play guitar, I think many singers m/f would love to work in the studio with Marr.

      just my 2 cents, I won't debate, just my impulsive sunday morning opinion, not a statement...
    4. Anonymous
      What's happened to Andy Rourke's accent?
    5. Amy
      Absolutely unrecognisable. Drugs, alcohol, meds?
    6. Anonymous
      Derr... it's a staffy.
    7. Barking
      I know that look. It's the

      "Hm quite fancy that photographer. With pickled onions and broccoli"​


      It's also the
      "Wow.I can't believe this dude just mentioned the Reformation."​


      In both cases you have approximately ten seconds to get out of the room.:thumb:

      Is Doggy available for an interview? I'd be delighted.
    8. Anonymous
      Or maybe living in New York?
    9. Amy
      The whole tone of his voice seems to have changed though, not just his accent.
    10. Grigori
      JM is really wearing the hell out of that red sweater; seems like half the pictures I've seen of him in the last few months he has had it on.

      GREAT interview, too.
    11. CrystalGeezer
      Simply vulgar. :cool:

      I'll get me sweatshirt. (Actually I kinda like that sweater. :p)
    12. CrystalGeezer
      The camera angle makes Andy look like he's wearing a steam punk monocle or something.
    13. Gejo
      Andy sounds like he has over done it! Is that dog there to follow fashion and look ruff?
    14. a rejected soul
      a rejected soul
      must be drugs, then. Hurrr.
    15. Anonymous
      Andy Rourke's accent sounds a bit American to me. Maybe Andy Rourke changed the tone of his voice to sound hard, tough and macho as he works in radio.

      Is the dog a Doberman Pinscher? Maybe the dog belongs to Johnny Marr.
    16. Anonymous
      The dog might be there to look rough. I guess dogs like that are a fashion statement as well. I think Andy Rourke follows all the latest the trends.

      I think Andy Rourke has had too much of the high life recently. Going by the photo of Rourke he looks a bit odd, his teeth look strange.
    17. Girl-Afraid
      Not really understanding why Marr's hair is still jet black, yet Mozzer's is as grey as ever?!
      Well yes I do understand there is hair dye but why does he bother?
    18. Girl-Afraid
      Also bit of a funny one when they mentioned about "A good front man" and Johnny sort of side-stepped the Moz issue.
      He could have said "Morrissey" straight away as this would have been the correct answer for everybody listening but went for "The The" instead. Hmmm...but well done to j for not opening a can of worms
    19. Anonymous
      Amy do you know if the dog belongs to Johnny Marr? Is the breed of dog a Doberman Pinscher?

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