Andy Rourke chats to Huffington Post

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    Salvatore Bono, blogger with The Huffington Post, has conducted a low-yield if affable interview with Andy Rourke:

    Catching Up With Andy Rourke of The Smiths

    - When it comes to icons of the indie world, none are bigger and get more credit than The Smiths. During their time together from 1982-1987, the band transformed the decade's musical scene with their swagger, style and sound. Today, decades later, their music continues to do the same. The band has not played together since their famous split, and fans have waited for them to reunite through famous feuds and fights, though it looks as if it may never happen.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by goinghome, Feb 9, 2011.

    1. HangtheDJ16
      I'm getting a sense of deja vu. Have I not read this exact same interview a few months ago on this very forum?
    2. Uncleskinny
      I must say I had the same feeling...
    3. Dave2006
    4. Anonymous
      What a strange man Andy Rourke is. I also get a feeling of deja vu.
      Did Andy Rourke get payed two times for doing the same interview?
    5. celibate
      I bet it's also a big paper, the Huffington Post

      is their DVD not yet for rent in a DVD shop[Joyce&Rourke]
      'Inside The Smiths if I remeber , a nmbr 1 with 68 muisc DVD in a week sold

      [btw the mainpage items hates me postings, tries several times on others
      but still years of refusal]
    6. Anonymous
      From 2006-2008 you organized "Manchester v Cancer" concerts. Is it important to raise awareness and hold events like this? Make you feel like Bono at all?

      This question is wrong because 'Versus Cancer' ended in 2009 not in 2008. The last 'Versus Cancer' concert took place in 2009.
      I would of said Andy Rourke is more like Al Gore than Bono. Al Gore put on the 'Live Earth' concerts. Andy Rourke is about cancer awareness and Al Gore is about climate change awareness and other environmental issues.

      I find it funny that Andy Rourke had a cancer charity when he leads such a carcinogenic lifestyle. Andy Rourke smokes, takes recreational drugs, drinks excessive amounts of alcohol, eats red meat and unhealthy food, goes on long-haul flights a lot, spends a lot of time in recording studios, doesn't do any exercise and so on.
    7. Anonymous
      Shirley Temple Black the American child star was diagnosed with breat cancer back in 1972 and surprisingly I think she supported Andy Rourke's 'Versus Cancer' charity.

      It says on wikipedia: "In the autumn of 1972, Temple was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumor was malignant and removed, and a modified radical mastectomy performed. Following the operation, she announced it to the world via radio, television, and a February 1973 article for the magazine McCall's. In doing so, she became one of the first prominent women to speak openly about breast cancer."
    8. Anonymous
      By the way I meant to say Shirley Temple Black was diagnosed with breast cancer not breat cancer it was a typo.
    9. Anonymous
      I don't think Andy Rourke knows what irony is. I think the whole 'Versus Cancer' thing made him look like a hypocrite. Andy Rourke is very much "Do as I say" rather than "Do as I do".
      I agree with you that Andy Rourke leads a carcinogenic lifestyle. What you say about recording studios is interesting because some recording studios have been found to have harmful levels of radiation in them. I would add to your list of Andy Rourke's carcinogenic lifestyle: fried foods, microwaved foods, peanuts (yes peanuts are thought to be carcinogenic) and mobile phones. I don't know if Andy Rourke uses aftershave or deodorant but he should check what brands/products he uses. Also Andy Rourke is overweight, he leads quite a stressful life, he gets jet lagged quite a lot and he has irregular sleeping patterns. These are all 'risk factors' for him developing cancer in later life. Maybe the worst of all is what you say about how much he smokes and drinks alcohol. Andy Rourke has been smoking, drinking and taking drugs since he was a teenager!
      After heart disease, cancer is still the biggest killer in the Western world.
      I think originally 'Versus Cancer' was set up to raise money to find alternatives to chemotherapy at Manchester's 'Christie Hospital', Europe's largest cancer treatment and research centre, this was a good idea. The 'Versus Cancer' concerts have now run their course. The charity was active from 2006-2009.
      A while ago 'Versus Cancer' leaflets littered the streets of Manchester. Students, young people and whatnot coming out of clubs and bars in Manchester were given 'Versus Cancer' leaflets but they didn't want them and so they just dropped them on the ground, this was a waste of paper and it created a mess. Young people going out for a 'night on the lash' in Manchester the last thing they want to read about is checking their body parts for signs of cancer (which they probably do anyway) and people telling them not to drink because they might get cancer. These young people probably lead healthier lives than Andy Rourke does!
    10. celibate
      better support the now legendary USA cycler, Lance Armstrong, who was diagnosed and treated cancer, won the France Tour 7 times [or 6], he's the one who started the yellow bracelets

      I find Lnce much trustworthy than a benefit show, cause the artist will do it for free, but the venue and the the bartenders and workers in the venue might not

      plus it's with every support wheter it's a disease or weasther conditions ruined a country, if the money get's really to the right people

      it's a general comment, but Lance did a lot for cancer treatment with his own
      society/organisation, which I think , now Lance is not a pro cycler, his cancer
      treatment organisation will go on
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    11. Anonymous
      Yes I agree with you totally and what is more Lance Armstrong is a really nice man. I always advise people if they want to support a cancer charity to give directly to 'Cancer Research' rather than support Versus Cancer. I worry with Versus Cancer that not enough of the money is going to the right people, the people who really need it! Giving to Lance Armstrong's society/organization would also be a good idea.
      There is of course a 'genetic' factor involved in why people get cancer, but there is also a lot people can do in their 'lifestyle' to prevent themselves from getting cancer, and of course if the doctors detect cancer early on they can sometimes nip it in the bud. It is better to get cancer when you are elderly rather than young because it spreads much slower in elderly people, of course it would be better if people didn't get cancer at all.

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      Long live MUSIC, MORRISSEY and true ART!!!!
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