Morrissey Central "AND STILL THEY ARRIVE … AND ARRIVE … AND ARRIVE" (August 18, 2020)


Update Aug. 19:

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joe frady

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It's an impressive house, I've driven passed it many times but today I stopped and had a look at the flowers. Looks like the there is another building behind the main house, that was where the mini with the Morrissey sticker was parked today.

í think that is a kind of guest house of some kind. Or storage for all his old settees, pop gear, etc. Have a feeling that was where he delivered his SOTU address back in 2017...



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I reckon I think this is kind of an Airbnb of some kind used for fans to send flowers so they won't know where the California Mom's real house is in Calabasas and then stalk Moz Angeles for the
California Son's house.

joe frady

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The voice belongs to Frank Patterson ~ "Ireland's Golden Tenor" ~ and the song he is singing is "The Lass of Aughrim".

Used most famously in John Huston's film adaptation of Joyce's "The Dead" {1987} ...

Which might tend to suggest that the family may be going full Irish with their grieving process.
Having seen such a process at close quarters, it is not for the faint of heart.
But, whatever gets you through...



My reasons are that I don’t and won’t tolerate bullying, vile posts about dying people.... I’m a huge fan and I try my hardest to put people in their places when they step out of line on here, I try my hardest, and best to defend his name, music... probably not the best time to do such things .. unfortunately as we’ve all seen the last few days, some people have taken this opportunity to “ have a go at moz and family “ I shall defend him.... I hope you got some peace of mind with your thoughtful gesture of your sent flowers...

🤣🤣🤣🤣 #failure

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