Morrissey Central "And In The End" (March 16, 2020)

UPDATE Mar. 17:

As originally suggested by lanterns and noticed by Mozmar, the title of the post on Morrissey Central has been updated with an additional comma (and ellipsis, capitalization?): "AND, IN THE END ...".

Morrissey Central: "And In The End"


"Leeds … just fantastic … I couldn't have wished for more.

Cologne … incredible … I couldn't have hoped for more.

London … phenomenal … I couldn't have prayed for more.

Thanks to everyone who came along … thanks for all that you give. It's beyond inspiring for me to see so many people who REFUSE to be dogs on chains."

Morrissey, 15 March 2020.

I AM NOT A DOG ON A CHAIN will be unchained at HMV, Rough Trade, Amazon, and other intelligent outlets.
The album is available as a gatefold CD, a cassette, a black vinyl LP, and a limited see-through vinyl LP.

Thank you for your support !

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In Britain maybe a few. On the continent everything will be closed by Friday. All non-essential shops are already closed or will be from tomorrow onwards in many European countries. They have to pull the release, it's suicide to release it now.

Here shops are very few.I always buy everything online and delivery by postal service.That will not close.
I hope you & your loved ones will be ok. Turns out the government was working on faulty modelling & giving us the wrong advice. Now they've kick started a panic.

I'm sure it'll work out, but what a bloody mess. It'll be a new era on the other side.
Social experiment on the sheeple.
Haga gimn
And to think all of this has just begun... those of us who went to Leeds and London have been very fortunate that it didn’t get cancelled... I’m diabetic myself so this puts me in the vulnerable zone, it really sunk in with me yesterday as how the next few months are going to be.... I cancelled my holiday yesterday as well, have kept my child off school too.., was going to the gym all this week but I’m slightly nervous of that... to be honest I’ll be going tomorrow as all this is to much and it’s only the start....
Haga gym en su casa ,diabetico yendo a un gimnasio una decision desacertada
Haga gimnHaga gym en su casa ,diabetico yendo a un gimnasio una decision desacertada
Yes you are right, it would be an unwise decision to go to the gym today, so I have chosen not to do so... I have walked around the park and river for an hour this morning instead with my daughter... I’m going to pain my bathroom lime green this afternoon... do you think I’m mad????
Haga gimnHaga gym en su casa ,diabetico yendo a un gimnasio una decision desacertada
Why have you changed your you want it to look more like Morrissey , luji ???? I bet you have a magnifico quiff... you little upstart!!!!
Well well well. 2020 arrives......

Some amazing concerts. Again. Difficult days for many it sadly must be said.
Such a fantastic band. Again.

I honestly don't know whether I am going to wet my pants or not. But I can tell you now, I will push myself down to yonder shop, pronto.

i am not a dog on a chain info
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