[An Unfortunate Update] Morrissey 1988 Wolverhampton


I've been wrestling with an iMac issue for several days now. I thought I had it figured out and fixed a couple of days ago. But, it has reared its ugly head again. Unfortunately, I can't do much with my crippled iMac and that includes this project. So, last night I ordered/purchased a new iMac. Unfortunately, due to the supply chains being all f***ed up during this pandemic, it cost me $2500 USD instead of pre-pandemic $1300 USD. Also, supply chains have slowed delivery times and I won't get the new machine until 4-5 weeks from now. I am still enthusiastic about this project and will continue to develop once I get my new iMac.

I'm sorry that this has happened and I appreciate your patience.

Just to note, the progress that I've made thus far is very promising. The tiktak video has been successfully upscaled to 720p, the FLAC soundboard audio is being synced to the new video, and the finished audio will be Dolby Digital surround 2.0 for a far greater listening experience. Cheers.
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