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nice one again boomers86 will download tomorrow ever so grateful for all these rarities

couldnt open/play the 2005 single due to it being mpeg4, is there a mp3 audio rip of these ? thanks again
I don't have mp3 versions of those songs but i can try and do one soon.

Or if you wanna see the full vids (it's cos that year the single was a DVD), and you can download apple's QuickTime (it's free and compatible on Mac/PC/Linux) you'll be able to play them in there/iTunes if you get that as well.

No worries, thanks for all your stuff too, it's been great hearing them!


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Ok here's the Mike Mills with Sally Ellyson cover of Jesus Christ that I accidentally left off the last zip:

Jesus Christ (w/ Sally Ellyson of Hem) - Red Apple's xmas CD

also i don't have the other tracks from the 2001 xmas fan club single which were:

02. Find the River (live audio) ??/??/01
03. Fine the River (live rehearsal, enhanced video) Athens studio '01

if anyone has these i'd be very grateful if they could upload them.

I haven't heard that other version of Jesus Christ, so thanks a lot for that! I have the 2001 Fanclub Single, and can send the audio/video in zip. I just gotta ask...the video is in quicktime format. Will that work? unfortunately, mp4 will only play on an ipod, or in itunes. As for the 2005 DVD, I ripped the tracks to mp3 some time ago, and have them on my ipod. However, I did it on another computer, and unfortunately don't have them saved. :-( I'll see if I can rip em again, and pass em along here. I can't tell you guys how grateful I am for all of this great stuff! It'll be a pleasure to help you any way I can. :)
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I just gotta ask...the video is in quicktime format. Will that work? unfortunately, mp4 will only play on an ipod, or in itunes.
Hi REMFan,

That's fine with me, I use those programs to watch most vids anyway. If it's not too much trouble could you upload the 2001 xmas vid track as the mp4 file as well as an mp3 rip (which i know soundofthenorth has requested).. It's just I'd very much like to the actual vid... thanks!


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Here's some more stuff, this time Michael Stipe based stuff that's been requested:

These are tracks that Michael has either guested on, sung live with other groups, or the odd solo studio cover.

The first zip has all the Michael Stipe stuff that REMFan wanted, and some of the stuff soundofthenorth wanted... the next 2 have all the other stuff soundofthenorth wanted. Hope you all enjoy.

Zip 1 = JMS 1, 89MB

Candy Everybody Wants (live) -10,000 Maniacs (live, 20/01/93)
The Way You Dream -Asha Bohsle
Everybody Needs a Little Sanctuary -Grant Lee Buffalo
Eureka -Hugo Largo
Grow Wild -Hugo Largo
Ill Wind -Jimmy Scott, Flea, Michael Brook (by Koehler & Arlen)
Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano -New York Dolls
Antidote -Now It's Overhead
Glitter In Their Eyes -Patti Smith
Last Call -Patti Smith
God Only Knows -Mandy Moore cover
Tainted Obligation -Matthew Sweet (Community Trolls)
She Doesn't Exist -Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians
Clumsy -Stéphane Pompougnac
We're Not So Bad -Stipe sings for 'Olive, the Other Reindeer' film
L'hotel (L'hotel Particulier) -Stipe solo (Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited cover album)
Winter (live) -Tori Amos live cover (live ??)
Punk Club -Utah Saints
Rhinoceros -Utah Saints
Sun -Utah Saints
Wiggedy Wack -Utah Saints

Zip 2 = JMS 2, 48MB

Almond Kisses -Spacehog
Alive and Living Now -Golden Palaminos
Boy (Go) -Golden Palaminos
Clustering Train -Golden Palaminos
Dark Green Energy -Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians
Drive (live) -Dashboard Confessional live cover with Stipe
Full Moon -Arnie Ross and the Low Note Quintet
Future 40's -Syd Straw
Greenfields -Faultline
Guilty by Association -Vic Chesnutt
Injured Bird -Vic Chesnutt

Zip 3 = JMS 3, 57MB

Dancing Barefoot (live) -Patti Smith w/ Stipe (live ??)
Omaha -Golden Palaminos
Kid Fears -Indigo Girls
I'll Give You My Skin -Indigo Girls
Broken Promise -Placebo
Hands Down (live) -Dashboard Confessional
Happiness -Rain Phoenix
Hot Nights in Georgia -Jason and the Scorchers
Little April Shower -w/ Natalie Merchant
Nightswimming (live) -Coldplay cover w/ Stipe
Red Rain (live) -w/ Peter Gabriel & Natalie Merchant
Trout -Neneh Cherry
Your Ghost -Kristin Hersh


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Great Tracks !!

Does anyone have any mp3/zippy's of the following concerts ?

Olympia Theatre 5 July 2007
Slane Castle 22 July 1995
Marlay Park 16 July 2003
Odyssey Belfast 25 February 2005

Would love an audio of any of the above !!

Thanks :)


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Thanks for the early demos, just downloading them now,

I hadn't been able to find the live dates for the Dashboard stuff for ages, but I just thought I'd try again quickly and found it all right away! It was a taping for 'MTV2's Album Covers' where Dashboard covered the whole of AFTP and played some of their own stuff. It was at Arlene's Grocery, New York City on 25 November 2003. Michael appeared on those two tracks only. I think the mp3 rips came from the official Dashboard Confessional album 'MTV2 covers' released in 2004.

Will have more stuff to upload tomorrow hopefully, thanks again!


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Re: Great Tracks !!

Etrue got a few tracks from dublin 5 july 07 but not full gig. let me know if you want those upping.

also thanks to the REMFAN for the rip's downloading now & boomers thanks for all the gooides found most of the info but missing info on:
date for -A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar - Dashboard Confessional 2004 album
Drive (live) -Dashboard Confessional live cover with Stipe

date for - Red Rain (live) -w/ Peter Gabriel & Natalie Merchant

;) enjoy the uploaded requests. got some more requests to up so will get on them when i have time. thanks again y'all
Please sound of the north, that would be cool ! If you know where I could get mp3 audio for any of the others I would be much obliged !!

Thanks again


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Hi again,
Red Rain with Peter Gabriel and Natalie Merchant I think is from 26 April 1996, it was part of a VH1 Honors Benefit gig, probably somewhere in USA, but can't find anything solid anywhere to back that up.

Thanks for all those demos, some good stuff there!

Here's a couple more from me:

In the Sun EP released 2006:

01. In the Sun (feat. Chris Martin)
02. In the Sun (JAW Breakers REMIX) by Justin Timberlake and of Black Eyed Peas
03. In the Sun mix 3 (with Joseph Arthur)
04. In the Sun mix 4 (Stipe solo)
05. In the Sun mix 5 (live with Coldplay) from Austin City Limits 12/09/05
06. In the Sun mix 6 (with Joseph Arthur) Free Acoustic Couch Rehearsal

Oxfam's Make Trade Fair LIVE, Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK, 14/09/04

01. The Curse of Comfort (The Thrills feat. Peter Buck on mandolin)
02. Losing My Religion
03. Boy in the Well
04. Walk Unafraid
05. Leaving New York
06. Man on the Moon (feat. Chris Martin)
07. I Wanted to Be Wrong
08. Bad Day

Sheffield Hallam Arena (mini acoustic gig, cancelled), 21/02/05

01. Michael delivers the bad news...
02. The One I Love
03. Leaving New York
04. I've Been High
05. Losing My Religion
Live @ Tyrone's

1. Just A Touch
2. A Girl Like You
3. Dangerous Times
4. There She Goes Again
5. I Can Only Give You Everything
6. All The Right Friends
7. Rockville
8. Body Count
9. Hippy Hippy Shake
10. Action
11. Narrator
12. Small Town Girl
13. Gardening At Night
14. Scheherazade
15. Lisa Says
16. Mystery To Me
17. Stepping Stone
18. Permanent Vacation
19. Welcome to the Starlight
20. Rave On
21. 20th Century Boy
22. 20th Century Boy (Continued)
23. 7 Chinese Brothers
24. Crazy/That Beat
25. Rockville
26. Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)


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Hi thanks for the latest uploads, and yeah I think you have covered everything you said you could help me out with, so a huge thanks once again!

And about the Oxfam gig, we were lucky enough to go to that and get to the front row, but not so luckily they zoomed right in on my face during Losing My Religion and I'm singing along looking like a right goon! Still, it was a good night...

Here's some more from me:

Misc. 1 = 26MB

-Try Not to Breathe (live soundboard) - 30/07/95, Milton Keynes Bowl, UK
-Lotus (live acoustic rehearsal) - 16/10/01, Athens Studio
-Texarkana (live Mike Mills with the Possibilities feat. Bill Berry on drums) - 03/10/02, 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, Benefit to re-elect Georgia State Senator Doug Haines
-'New Song' c. 80s (No idea where/when this is from, sounds a bit like an early 'Wolves' maybe? good quality nonetheless)
-Untitled AFTP acoustic instrumental demo
-Saturn Return (longer mix) v. similar but with longer intro
-Love Is All Around (live) - 19/11/92, 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA - only song never to have been commercially released from this '92 Greenpeace gig. Unfortunately this is not soundboard quality but still fair enough

Misc. 2 = 35MB

-World Leader Pretend (Nightswimming B-side, also 'The Best of Mountain Stage Vol. 6' compilation CD, 1994)
-Belong (Everybody Hurts/Nightswimming B-side)
-Losing My Religion (Everybody Hurts/Nightswimming B-side, also 'The Best of Mountain Stage Vol. 2' compilation CD, 1991)
-Low (Nightswimming B-side)... All live from Mountain Stage, Charleston, WV, 28/04/91. All officially released soundboard versions, not from bootlegs
-Teenage Kicks (live, McCaughey vocals) 25/02/05, The Odyssey, Belfast, Northern Ireland
-Electrolite (live) 08/06/97, Tibetan Freedom Concert, NYC - Mike and Michael only

Around the Sun early mixes = 31MB

-Leaving New York (original mix)
-Aftermath (early faster version)
-The Outsiders (longer mix)
-Final Straw (rough mix) - released online by, March 2003
-Final Straw (MoveOn mix) - released on Future Soundtrack for America CD comp., Sept. 2004

The Four Croakers, Dingwall's, London, UK, 11/11/01 = 6MB

Performance by Mike Mills, Scott McCaughey, Ken Stringfellow and Robyn Hitchcock. Unfortunately I only have these two songs from what was a pretty long show.

01. I've Been High
02. Here Comes the Sun (Beatles cover) (both Ken Stringfellow lead vocals)

Kingpins Alley, Athens, GA, 08/10/05 = 35MB
... 4-piece R.E.M. (Berry, Buck, Mills & Stipe) reunite to play DeWitt Burton's (long serving technician and friend of the band) wedding:

01. Sitting Still
02. (Don't Go Back to) Rockville (Mills vocals)
03. Wolves, Lower
04. Begin the Begin
05. The One I Love
06. Permanent Vacation
07. Radio Free Europe (false start)
08. Radio Free Europe

... and I think that covers all the stuff I have for you, soundofthenorth. Looking over the list of what you wanted, I couldn't find the live version of Superman from '05 that I used to have, must have delted it... the last thing is to try and rip live versions of Me In Honey and Leave from the Rock am Ring vid I have... It's been a great trade, thank you so much for all your great uploads and hopefully more will crop up,

Dan (Boomers86)
I'm currently trying to enlarge my collection of live tracks, but I'm not a big fan of the bootleg quality. If anyone can get me some rips from the DVDs, radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, etc. that would be great. I really just don't have a whole lot of stuff that's listenable from almost any point in the band's history apart from the b-sides they've released.
Would it be alright if I picked out individual tracks from those recordings? When it comes down to eras, the only quality Around the Sun song I have is "I Wanted To Be Wrong", so if someone could upload one of the shows from the last tour that was broadcast, that would be a great start!

I'll have another good upload soon...
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