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Ok R.E.M. Dublin ( relaunched today with info on the CD/DVD set Live at the Olympia. They are streaming Driver 8 from the set (audio stream). Can someone capture the audio stream then post it here?
Here's the stream-captured mp3s for:

Driver 8

and I've captured the video for Living Well is the Best Revenge and extracted the audio mp3 from the flash file....

Living Well is the Best Revenge

Rapidshare enables only 10 downloads. My hope is that someone can make this available in a more permanent nature.

File under Great:


could anyone upload photograph? cant find it anywhere...

Oxegen 2008 (digital radio broadcast)

01 Living Well's The Best Revenge
02 These Days
03 What's the Frequency Kenneth
04 Begin the Begin
05 Drive
06 Ignoreland
07 Hollow Man
08 Imitation of Life
09 Losing My Religion
10 Fall on Me
11 Let Me In
12 Bad Day
13 I'm Gonna DJ
14 Supernatural Superserious
15 It's the End of the World
16 Man on the Moon

Live Lounge 2008

01 supernatural superserious
02 interviews
03 munich

Hyde Park (2005 tour finale)

What's the Frequency Kenneth?
The One I Love
The Outsiders
Leaving New York
Everybody Hurts
Electron Blue
Final Straw
Orange Crush
Walk Unafraid
Losing My Religion
Man on the Moon


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thanks, are these guitar hero rips? got anymore? :thumb:
those were on youtube with links so I thought I'd drop them on here.

I might try and find a way to rip orange crush from rock band. I swear that is mixed differently on there but then again my ears are 'musically tuned' (don't ask!) in a sense so it probably would sound different in my ears


I walked with a zombie
any live versions of the sidewinder sleeps tomite if any exist
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The R.e.mIX album - The Lifting (Now It's Overheard Mix by Andy Lemaster) - The Lifting (Knobody/Dahoud Darien For 12 Nations) - I'll Take The Rain (Jamie Candiloro) - She Just Wants To Be (Jamie Candiloro) - I've Been High (Matthew "Intended" Herbert) - I've Been High (Knobody/Dahoud Darien For 12 Nations) - I've Been High (Chef) - I've Been High (Her Space Holiday/Marc Bianchi) - Beachball (Chef) - Summer Turns To High (Her Space Holiday/Marc Bianchi)

EDIT:it's been bought to my attention by myself that wen you click on the links, they just start playing the song, but you don't want that! Instead, to save the songs on your computer, right-click on any of the links and click on the 'save target as' option.

Requests please!
I walked with a zombie
and any live version of the sidewinder sleeps tonite if any do exist.

thanks guys!
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