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Looking for a copy of Glastonbury 2003

Was the full show recorded
I'd assume it was, however there doesn't seem to be any full recording available. The closest one I found is a torrent containing 10 of the 20 tracks in 320kbps MP3, unknown recording source however. I'm not sure why it wasn't released on the R.E.M. at the BBC boxset, considering they included the 1999 Glastonbury show there.

It looks like the torrent's dead but it might recover.


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Hi all, this is my first time posting on this thread. I've used it for a while and am super thankful for everyone who has uploaded. I want to ask if anyone has the 'Supernatural Superserious (Live From Athens)' from the Accelerate deluxe pre-order in the original m4a iTunes file. I was able to locate some MP3s, but I was wondering if anyone has the file straight from the original iTunes pre-order. Thanks!


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I’m new to this forum and I have been collecting REM bootleg for thirty years now, and I will post some shows soon, but I’m wondering if this forum has a list of known circulating shows from the Green and Monster tours? I taped the three sh from Great Woods in 95 (and the mas has no issues with being slow and I can pitch correct it because I am trying to find it because I had it on mp3 and lost it and the 10-3-03 show ( but I have the first eleven songs in mp3) and it is kinda late but I just want to complete my collection of the two tours and I would be willing to encode cassettes to flac, (and I am in the middle of the process of for a few shows.

Does April 8,1989 Cobo Hall, Detroit exist in audio? It’s the first time Belong was played

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There you go. That's my first time plugging in the external HD in my new home, after 2 months:

Are you the same Ian from the Facebook group? :)
Hi can you please reup this official mp3 of BHJ

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