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Hi guys i m looking for some REM lossless gigs : my HD crashed some weeks ago & i lost lots of them :(

So i ve got a list of what i m missing, if someone can upload some on Mega or WT that would be great thanx a lot!!!

im also looking for 1995 gigs but i still haven't made the missing list :)


okay, Tourfilm did download in the end - took ages from one seeder... Just Road Movie to get, if anyone would care to be kind enough to upload the video somewhere! Thanks


if anyone can help me with this>
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i have a crappy mp3 version, of this great show and really
would love a flac if anyone has, Many Thanx in advance.


Nobody has this 95 Inglewood Forum show or the specific track? I do see it was posted on here way back on page 50 or 60. This place is a mother lode or content, someone must have it yeah?

This Is Not A Show is actually on vimeo -
I just found this forum after being on a major R.E.M. kick through listening to the Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman podcast. While doing some setlist browsing, I discovered that Lindsey Buckingham played on Everybody Hurts at the November 1, 1995 Inglewood California show. An mp3 of it was posted back in 2005 on a Buckingham Nicks fan site but is since long gone. Someone here must have it, yeah? Would love to hear Lindsey soloing on Everybody Hurts!


Here are my 6ch REMixes, still have Document and Up to do, that may take some more time but will add them to the following folder once complete.!vEZnwY6B!hZecFy_VHaYirygvgnrcMw

Alot of the tracks have the rear L and rear R channels increased in volume, some tracks have a tempo increase, others have parts removed or slight rearrangements etc. It's a mixed bag.

I've enjoyed making these and freshening up the listening experience after obsessively listening to these songs more times than I can count over the years.

Check them out and feedback!

They are 6 channel flac files.
r.e.m. rem
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