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what did you think of it in the end?

It was filmed weirdly in terms of aspect ratio and other technical aspects, and it's of course an amateurish thing with the whole distance that comes with it, but it was very decent anyway and I'm really glad to have this register of that evening. The sound was pretty good tho!

And then I did something naughty... I ran the video through AVIdemux, cropped the black bars, messed with the aspect ratio (I could say I "corrected" it, but I don't know wtf I'm doing), increased the sound volume a bit and gave it fades in-out. I like the final result a lot, even tho, to preserve quality, I made a file 3x the original size.

Thank you so much for uploading it!


Hello -

When R.E.M.TV came out there was a complete MP3 RIP of the whole DVD boxset available in this thread within month or less. Each song in its own track and organized really well. I was shocked and VERY excited to have it in my digital collection. That said, I am eagerly awaiting a similar gift from this thread with some recent REM archive releases on DVD and Vinyl including...

01- Accelerating Backwards (Interview and performances RIP)
02- Live from Jools Holland Show (R.E.M.BBC DVD RIP)
03- Bingo Hand Job - Live from the Borderline (Record Store Day Vinyl RIP)

I'd love to get these RIPS from the recent sources. Not interested in Bootlegs or old singles with similar songs. I own these Boxsets but don't have the knowledge or resources to RIP them myself. I have pretty much everything else the band has ever released and would be happy to help anyone else complete their collection as well. Thank you!!


Stuart Osborne

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Does anyone by chance have an audio or video recording of the show at Maple Leaf Gardens (April 12th 1989) during the Green Tour?

My dad was at that show and I'd love to listen to it!! He still has the stub in his CD copy of Document which is really cool!


Hey y’all, I saw someone asked about a rip of the BHJ RSD LP so here’s mine:

I realize it’s the same AUD source as the boots that have been circulating, but this has been mastered for vinyl and since there were some covers that were taken out, this has the vinyl sequence with fades and all that.
I missed this. Link is Dead. Please Post again. Ill be checking! THANK YOU, I what this badly!


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Does anyone know if there is a place other than YouTube to get a FLAC or any better source CD , LP, etc.. of the Easter 1981 demo cassette that surfaced years ago on the Power of Independent Trucking site (link below). I do not think that they ever released it commercially and have not seen it anywhere else.

I think you mean this one?!IotQSaAB!qhGIOxqI0uyg0S7sv80xmA


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Hi. Please please please does anyone have the DVD that was in the BBC box set?? I don't really want to pay £60 for the box set as I only want the dvd of live BBC performances!

Thanks in advance!
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