An interview with photographer Kevin Cummins on Joy Division, Morrissey, The Happy Mondays, and more

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    1. Surface
      Ketamine, your comment re M making a difference. When he was in The Smiths he probably did. I remember seeing them and him singing MIM with no fancy back drop and simply a blood red stage and at that time the power was in the lyrics and I must admit, me and my 3 mates discussed the song in depth after the gig (although we were stoned and pissed)

      Fast forward to now and I don't think it makes any difference whatsoever. I reckon there's going to be 18k ish there tomorrow night, after looking at the seats available on the MEN official site and I doubt whether one person will become a veggie after the set.

      It was a powerful song back in the day but now, to quote Benny/Brummie (can't remember who mentioned it) it's a gimmick song and in my opinion he needs to drop it from his set.

      You comment re: Hook made me laugh, as he is a neighbour of mine but I am in team Bernard!
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    2. bhops
      Actually the last Moz show I saw I think maybe 3 and a bit years back he did his 'hand the microphone to the audience' thing and a young girl got the chance to speak. I think she may have even said she was 16 and Morrissey had influenced her to give up meat and animal products. Clearly his influence over the youth of today isn't a patch on what it was but it is still there in pockets, I'd say due to the timelessness of the songs.

      Personally I'd like to see him drop it from the setlist the same way I'd like him to drop any song off the list that he has played relentlessly for so many years.
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    3. marred
      I don't think his comment re Morrissey's latino fan base and their eating habits is meant to be taken that seriously. It's a bit of tongue in cheek (pun intended)
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    4. marred
      I'd love to see it dropped from the set list too. It's a beautiful song but whether you eat meat or not watching animals in pain at the hands of humans I can do without.
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    5. Anonymous
      He is a piece of garbage. Once tweeted how the latino's of Los Angeles were the lesser class of the city. Know- nothing prick. He can fuck right off. Complete bullshit that 90% of the crowd turned their back. Now go back to eating meat and trying to still be relevant off of decades old Morrissey photos.
    6. Anonymous
      He did this when I saw him around the same time, the mic pass, but we got the video. Most people had nothing to say when the mic was given to them

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