An astrological perspective

I wonder if you can tell from my astrological profile that I am highly suspicious of all things :)

Incidentally, Tara, Taro, Hamtaro, what is your star sign? I'd like to know if time wasting is a characteristic of yours...
Sorry, Tara, but your analysis is terribly off. For starters, Morrissey's moon is Scorpio, not Sagittarius. Second, you don't have his time of birth, so you don't know his rising sign, which would completely change other aspects of his chart drastically. Third, being that he is on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini, he could have more traits of a Taurus ruled individual with sprinkles of Gemini traits. You need to do more research if you really want to take astrology seriously. And, sorry, Linda Goodman was more entertainment than anything. I like to play with it. I know something about it. I think it's interesting. I don't completely agree or believe in it. It's just fun stuff. It's not for everyone. No big deal.

Here is his "chart", by the way:

Sun 00° 37' Gemini
Moon 29° 30' Scorpio
Mercury 17° 11' Taurus
Venus 13° 16' Cancer
Mars 24° 17' Cancer
Jupiter 26° 38' Scorpio
Saturn 06° 05' Capricorn
Uranus 12° 39' Leo
Neptune 04° 54' Scorpio
Pluto 01° 40' Virgo
You tell 'em, HIG! :D
Well personally I know nothing about astrology except that Pluto is a dog and a Taurus is a sort of bull (sexay!), but I can spot a bogus astrologer quicker than... if Nostradamus had drunk 7 liters of cider. Yes Sir!

Where do they find the time to write all that nonsense, though? Most confounding.
makes you wish they'd write their autobiography...
Astrology is about as accurate as fortune cookies.
Hi, I'm Tara MacLaird. I recently started a new blog with an astrological perspective. My post was a profile of Morrissey. It covers his recent illness and possible birth-chart reasons for it. Check it out here...

Howdy my name is Treman! Pleased to meet you! 😊
I am an aspiring astrologer, but more importantly I'm a huge Morrissey fan! And I strive to find his birth time! Like you I have searched and searched and I'm having the hardest time finding his time of birth! I'm trying to find the info you once had the mind to share, hoping it has my answers! Can you help me with this? Do you have a presence on Facebook? It would be far easier if I could find you there! I'm not even sure if I will see your reply here, wherever here is. Not to text savvy, but if you have the answer you can find me on Facebook! I would love to know more about your connection to astrology! 😄
And I would love to commiserate with a fellow Morrissey fan! Please help!
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