America PWNS Morrissey??


I'm quietly judging you
In "America is not the World" Morrissey says Americans:
*are fat
*discriminate women
*have blue eyes (?)
*are cold (?)

Now that America is going to have either a black president or a female vice-president this song sounds incredibly pretentious, I'm going to LOL at Morrissey everytime I listen to it 'cos honestly, what the hell was he thinking with that song? "Your belly is too big"? seriously, what the hell??

I still love you morrissey. call me.


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'your belly is too big' is more of a metephore I think.

and no female vice president unless McCain chooses one, which I doubt.

I'm personally not offended by that song, it's just a song to me. One that I don't listen too often because it's not the best musically. Plently of people hate America and Morrissey doesn't really, he lived here for a good amount of time. At least if he did hate America it'd be justified most who critizise have never lived here that long.


There's No I In Threesome
Uh I'm good, to be honest her eyes are beginning to freak me out.


There's No I In Threesome
because that silly you have to be born here rule

if only


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This morning I heard on TV that she is an "avid hunter", i.e., a killer bitch.

The republicans are obviously just looking for a VP that has enough experience with guns to not shoot anybody in the face.
africa banana moz is not the world penguins vp killer bitch
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