America, I do love you!


I hate to be the one to tell you this...
Heh -

I might be in the market for another once I flip an X-Men collection I recently purchased as an investment.

I so need to drop by yours and look at your comics:)

this thread makes no sense :confused: & a lot of this aint american :eek:

why? & what are you talking about, that isn't 'American'....(except the DM picture, which has been explained as a mistake).
Sadly, I still get red crosses every time I try to post images, but anyway, here is my contribution to this great thread:

I just saw this. done by the same guy who does the "LOVE" sculptures.


That painting is by Alex Ross! Did he do that sculpture as well, Nugz?

where is your Obama love on this thread, Miss Nugz;) you already beat me by posting the Ramones ( which should of been suprani).
ok ok , sorry!!! here :D


I wonder if theo will rant at you now!:p


me NYC




& me being danny ocean!!!!!??!?!?!

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