Alvin Stardust stole Vince Taylors identity ?


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heard on a radio programme not long ago about how Vince Taylor was becoming a problem for record companies and managers with his crazy behaviour for over a decade in the 60's and as he was always a cult hero still determined to break into the mainstream in both the UK and USA he wanted to have a serious attempt at makin it in the 70's, this show (which was something to do with rock n' roll truths and myths) said that some record exec that Taylor had fallen out with paid a Mr shane fenton to 'steal' Taylors identity - The all black leather, jet black elvis quiff and sideburns and black leather gloves with rings worn outside the gloves -, Fenton changed his name to alVIN Stardust was given a novelty song to jump on the glam rock bandwagon (the song was so quickly rush released that its the songwriter Pete Shelley whos vocals appear on 'my coo ca choo' Stardust just mimed as the image was the most important thing). The song reached number 2, Stardust was the new success story and the image would be associated with him not Vince Taylor. To this day Stardust always comes up with some 'funny' story about how 'his image' came about but hes a clear clone of Taylor.
Taylor even stated in a french magazine interview years later during a Q&A when he was asked which artists he disliked he answered simply " just Alvin Stardust."

Stardust ditched the image later on when he became more of a lame cross between cliff richard and shakin stevens.
bit of a sad, sneaky story if true but theres not much more info to find on it.
Guess its only right that these days Stardust is a lame has been and Taylor is seen as a cool rock n roll icon and influence on David Bowie, Van Morrison and Adam Ant.

An even better rock n roll story is when Gene Vincent fired a loaded gun at Gary Glitter. Gene was drunk and sadly missed.
Hope i didnt bore you too much

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