Almost 30 years ago...


Beastly Little Parasite
I shared the original letters and postcards on here years ago, but have just found the envelopes with Morrissey's familiar scrawl again. I thought I'd spread a bit of joy on here and let you see them. You can still make out the Rough Trade stamp. Them was good days!

Moz3 by mozmal, on Flickr

Moz2 by mozmal, on Flickr

Moz1 by mozmal, on Flickr


loves moz
Love these! Only Moz would write letters in green crayon! Thanks for sharing, Mal! How are you? Long time no see! :)


Surmontil 50
Oh Mal this is wonderful! I've driven past Bransholme loads of times! Feels weird Moz even writing the word Bransholme on paper

These are ace!


He did use crayons. I believe he stated that in that little Day in the Life article.
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