All UK/European gigs postponed due to "logistical circumstances beyond our control" - management

As I mentioned earlier today, this has now come to pass.

'Logistical issues'.

From @gigsandtours / Twitter:

NEWS// Morrissey tour statement.

Due to logistical circumstances beyond our control, the UK/European Morrissey concerts scheduled for July will be postponed.

We deeply regret any inconvenience to the fans and promise to reschedule UK and European dates as soon as possible.

All original purchasers from official ticket outlets will have the full ticket fee refunded, including booking fee, to their credit/debit cards. Refunds from ticket agents will be actioned from midday on Monday 2nd July.

The LIHS World Tour will continue, starting back up in Mexico City on November 23rd.

Watch for more dates to be added soon!

The LIHS World Tour has been Morrissey’s most successful tour to date, having achieved record business for the artist in both the U.S. and the UK.

We thank all the fans for their support. -

Media coverage:
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My God..I came so close to booking flights, hotels, time off work but finally decided ticket prices were prohibitively expensive/ridiculous. So gutted for other people who've lost out. My thoughts are with you
Does he mean logistical issues for the people he expected to turn up. Not one gig was sold out either standing or seated. He’s f***ed up big time spouting his shit that is completely out of touch with what most people think.

It’s also made Vegan Cro look like a bigger prick than he already is, after all his posts about the gigs being sold out, the troll wanker.
By the way..I'd love for someone to come out and explain what these 'logistical' problems are. It just doesn't make a grain of sense
Paradoxically, this is good news, folks, for those of us that want to see Morrissey continue his recording and touring career. He has hopefully now realised he can't just say anything he wants to with no consequence. He has offended a huge chunk of his core fan base. His political comments have been idiotic, offensive and ill thought out. He must now either avoid the world of politics and international affairs completely or go and educate himself it, and stop making utterly twattish statements e.g. using phrases such as the 'loony left' and telling the world that the only problems with Israel are that everyone else is jealous.
It's not 'postponed', it's completely cancelled. If they were just going to reschedule dates they wouldn't be issuing automatic ticket refunds.
You can now dub this thread,

"UncleSkinny's I Told You Morrissey's A c***"

.....let us count the ways.....
It's not 'postponed', it's completely cancelled. If they were just going to reschedule dates they wouldn't be issuing automatic ticket refunds.

Incorrect dummy. Refunds are always offered regardless if the gig has been postponed.
I know he has said things I, and many others don’t agree with, but I love his music and that is what I was going to see. He will only be around for so long.
He must now realise he has f***ed Up massively, these concerts weren’t even necessary as the Palladium show was a fantastic end to his most successful tour.
I won’t be suprised if he threatens not to return to UK (though we all know how that turned out last time).

I expect Dave Haslam and all of Morrissey’s many critics will now rejoice inntheir victory, and I suppose hopefully it will be the knocking deg a peg Morrissey needed after expecting his fanbase to follow him into murky waters.
But who loses?
Morrissey obviously. He is quickly tearing apart his most worthy attribute; his loyal and fanatic fan-base.

The band. Loss of earnings for comments they did not make, wouldn’t suprise me if some shuffling was done, as this seems to be the first time that gigs have been cancelled seemingly due to low sales/bad press, rather than illness/forgetting to wear a jumper.

Most of all though, the loving fans who wanted to go to these gigs such as I.
It may sound selfish, but we have come off worst here. Our hero tests our loyalty and morals with far right sympathies, the concerts we save money and wait patiently for are cancelled, all the while the press and people such as Dave Haslam blast Morrissey, casting a shadow on all those that still enjoy his music.

What a f***ing shame.
Morrissey:- "People should make up their own minds and think for themselves"

*People proceed to make up their own mind and think for themselves that buying a ticket to see Morrissey is a shit idea"

Morrissey:- *spits dummy out* "The tour is cancelled for logistical reasons."

*Me (vegan.cro) and other Morrissey acolytes proceed to blame it on Dave "Has Been" Islam and those gosh darn POLLOS"
Think that in addition to the LMHR debacle (and M's perennial verbal diarrhea), that one (or more) of the band members finally had enough of his shit?
Had tickets for Edinburgh and both Manchester gigs. Pretty pissed off, but as long as I get a full refund I’ll be ok. I’ve seen the LIHS/WPINOYB heavy setlist enough times.
"We are in the business of creating music and performing music. We are actually not in the business of politics, or bullshit."

Why is he telling people what party to vote for then? Not politics?

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