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The fourth single release from Low In High School is issued by BMG Records. All The Young People Must Fall In Love is a re-mix by Bob Clearmountain, and the B-side is Rose Garden, live from The Grand Ole’ Opry in Tennessee. The song was originally a worldwide hit for Lynn Anderson in 1970. Morrissey’s single is available on 7-inch vinyl and as a download.
Morrissey will play Manchester Castlefield Arena on July 7, and Dalhalla Arena in Rattvik, Sweden on July 19.

And as if by magic:
It's like he's listening,

Update: May 21 - the 7" will release on the 6th of July.

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But "Back on the Chain Gang" was also slated for a "summer release" IIRC (https://www.morrissey-solo.com/thre...sicians-credited-chiccarelli-produced.142168/).

Will this mean that that (projected) single will be pushed back? (I'm aware Summer includes August and most of September, but surely there will be some space between the two releases.)

only time will tell... I think September is still possible.
I wonder that "All the young people" isn´t on Amazon yet.


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Only 3 weeks ahead and you still cannot buy the single at Amazon. Same with the This is Morrissey CD.
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The US Amazon place holder is now a pre-order sold & shipped by Amazon.com themselves - no picture, but it can now be bought on the US Amazon (estimated 13th of July) .
It hasn't updated on the UK site, but that's not exactly important given how many UK outlets have been listing it for sale/pre-order for 3+ weeks.

So, to summate (as of 19th June):

All The Young People... 7"
Many, many UK indie record shops.
UK Mporium t-shirt bundle deal (not on US site).
Europe - many stockists.
USA Amazon - changed to now pre-order.
UK Amazon - still a placeholder.

This Is Morrissey - CD/Vinyl:
Many, many UK indie record shops pre-order with staggered release date.
European stockists including Italian & French Amazon ready to pre-order.
UK Amazon - both CD & vinyl available to pre-order (sold & dispatched by Amazon).
US Amazon - not listed yet.
Edit (June 23): now listed on US Amazon.
Edit (June 19): now on UK Mporium as a bundle with t-shirt and pre-orders.

No sign of digital - yet.
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I’d rather hear a Nile Rodgers remix of “All the young people.”

That man is miracle worker.

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t listen to his 1984 remix of “Lost in Music.” Sheer brilliance.

would be cool.

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