"All The Young People Must Fall In Love" (Bob Clearmountain Mix) released (EU Apr 20, UK Jul 6 2018)

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by davidt, May 1, 2018.

By davidt on May 1, 2018 at 4:06 PM
  1. davidt

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    Feb 12, 1997
    Released in the UK on July 6, 2018.

    "All The Young People Must Fall In Love" (Bob Clearmountain Mix) - 7" clear vinyl was listed for sale at some European sites (post by Famous when dead) and it has been reported people are receiving orders now.

    The reported release date on the Fnac site is Apr. 20, 2018, however there have not been any official announcements or mention of UK release.

    Tweet posted by an anonymous person (original post):


    Buy on Amazon.co.uk.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by davidt, May 1, 2018.

    1. g23
      Don't forget the dongs that made you smile.

      Seriously though, on any site, regardless of topic, discussions will veer all over the place and this place is no different. If I had a nickel for every bitchy thing I've heard or said regarding the guy, I'd buy a vacation home and still have enough nickels left over to order a pizza.
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    2. marred
      Saying goodbye to your Morrissey collection are you? Did he say something to upset you? Will you be alright?
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    3. Flibberty
      Nah, this place is different. Very different to other sites I visit.
    4. g23
      Well for starters, people actually care about Morrissey and enjoy his music unlike most of the rest of the internet. I've been part of sites with forums every bit as divided and weird as this. This one is different because it's composed of people centered around a well known, often controversial artist with a mentally off kilter fan base. Most people with their mental shit in order have no need for The Smiths or Morrissey.
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    5. Flibberty
      But it's more to do with the admin or lack thereof. The state of any forum will reflect the administration and here they have obviously been found wanting.
    6. g23
      I'd probably allow it too, had I seen the band wear Fuck Morrissey-solo shirts and ban me from all concerts.
      David has created a beautiful mirror of the man himself with this site. The stubborn, petty, and vindictive, the insightful, warm, and human, the moments of poetry and pratfall alike are reflected here on so-low, and I for one think it's both appropriate and beautiful.
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    7. Flibberty
      Ah, two wrongs make a right. I understand. :lbf:
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    8. g23
      This site was a mirror prior to the shirts, and the primary way that he stayed relevant and available among his fans for the wilderness years. I remember very vividly the shows in clubs with a 400 person capacity. Preferred them really, because he was hungry for it, and never appeared bored or miserable.


      (Unless it involves things M finds objectionable.)
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    9. Anonymous
      Much of Morrissey's career has been him posing as a self-righteous, vindictive bomb thrower, and some fans are startled when he gets it back?

      Morrissey's fans are a reflection of himself, and vice versa.

      Taking the extreme side of every discussion is a juvenile form of attention seeking. He's still stuck in the "let's scare the adults mode."

      I'm surprised he hasn't pretended to dabble in Witchcraft, or Satanism for shock value.

      Or has he?
    10. gordyboy9
      does a Ouija board count.
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    11. terrancestamp
      He has by no means offended me. Their has always been a conservative audience bubbling under the surface. I am by no means a racist or anything of the sort. It's just people with Christian ideology can find it very easy to support Morrissey. He had rejected all the things rock n roll. How refreshing to a 15 year old Christian who was reviled by Christian music of the 80's. Let the tongue lashing begin...we have a Jesus freak in the room.
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    12. marred
      Very little to none of this makes any sense. Anyone else care to decipher?
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    13. Anonymous
      Have you forgiven Jesus?
    14. Eustace Walks
      Eustace Walks
      Sorry, but does anyone have any news on the actual single? purely curious...
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    15. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Well, been trying - honest!
      It has appeared on Amazon France as 'out of stock' (My Love,... did similar before release) which could be seen as progress beyond the Slavik/Swedish/Hong Kong sites already selling it (if not out of stock now):


      And it has now surfaced on discogs:


      Add to that: an anon in the collectors section asserting it has been 'put back' (equated to being cancelled) - although it hasn't appeared on any release sheets to be postponed so not sure where that information has come from - the only places quoting an April release date were the mysterious shops managing to sell copies at the time.
      I rang the same 4 UK independent record shops today as mentioned previously and there's nothing scheduled for this week or next.
      Add also to that: 1 person here and 1 on Facebook who both collect and have said end of May (and are credible sources IMHO).
      Not very clear I know, but as soon as anything becomes more certain this place will know asap.

      Update 9th May:
      Italian Amazon - same as French site:
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    16. ForgivemeJESUS
      If you live in USA, you are out of there, I tried the Hong Kong Hmm they do not ship records, then cdon.com you can't even register with a states address, I can only hope that this may rumour is true
    17. Lionsy
      Thanks for trying! I really hope it sounds more like the live version from the BBC, I love that version.
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    18. terrancestamp
      Nothing in the English language seems to make sense to you. Carry on.....
    19. marred
      What exactly has rambling on about being a christian have to do with Morrissey sleeves? I can't wait to hear this.
    20. Anonymous
      Little lamb
      On a hill
      Run fast if you can

      Good Christians, they want to kill you
      And your life has not even begun!

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