"All the Young People Must Fall in Love" (Bob Clearmountain Mix) - new single press release

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    From Warner: All the Young People Must Fall in Love (Bob Clearmountain Mix) / Rose Garden (Live at The Grand Ole Opry,
    Nashville) is the fourth 7" release from Morrissey's album 'Low In High School'. Low in High School is
    Morrissey’s first studio album since 2014 and was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and in Rome at
    Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios. The record is produced by Joe Chiccarelli (who has worked with Frank
    Zappa, The Strokes, Beck and The White Stripes to name a few). Morrissey’s talent for combining political
    statements and beautiful melodies is more prevalent than ever on Low in High-School, capturing the
    zeitgeist of an ever-changing world.

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    1. Peppermint
      Proof that the 'any publicity is good publicity' maxim only holds good until it starts to harm sales.
    2. gordyboy9
      two million of anything these days is decent,how does this number compare to his other output.who knows what BMG think and unless they make a statement we will never know.
    3. Eldritch
      The numbers are there for all the Spotify users to see. Suedehead has 25 million streams, Every Day Is Like Sunday 19 million, First Of The Gang To Die 18 million, The More You Ignore 8 million, I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris 3 million... Of course Spotify really broke through around 2010, so the older stuff suffers in comparison. World Peace is not on there.
    4. Eldritch
      And for comparison's sake: Drake's One Dance has amassed 1 467 million streams in two years
    5. Sarcasmos
      Vauxhall, Viva Hate, Arsenal, Quarry, and Bona Drag have a higher average of plays, but LIHS beats the rest
    6. gordyboy9
      these albums have been out for years so its hardly comparable.
    7. Sarcasmos
      Yeah, I know. Morrissey has probably made like 5 bucks from all of the Spotify plays
    8. Eldritch
      But on the other hand you couldn't stream them when they were new. LIHS is of course comparably new and will collect more streams as the years go by, but the fact that those old chestnuts beat Years Of Refusal (out nine years now) so clearly shows that many people still prefer the older Morrissey material.
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    9. Anonymous
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