Morrissey Central "ALL THE BEST ONES ARE DEAD" (September 5, 2020)

Ketamine Sun

Jim & Julie in the weeds

East of Eden is hands down one of my favorite Dean films. Julie Harris died in 2013, guess we shouldn’t try to give a reason for every Central post.

A younger Julie Harris from one of Morrissey’s favorite films “The Member of the Wedding” 1952. It’s a good one ...

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Radis Noir

Fear of a Black Radish
The music makes me wish there was a Smiths / Morrissey video game to play.
But there is:

Famous when dead

It isn't that dissimilar to that of the 8-bit Smiths collection - shared long ago in the downloads section, but just a midi.

(edited for accuracy)


No thanks for spending £££ on an old song, just a whinge about no radio play. 🙄


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
the 8 bit songs were on here over ten years ago,they were a nice little item to download.
Everything has been here on this site before. I recently bought the Moz 1992 concert double white vinyl 'Poetry Hour' and saw a great thread here on it from ages ago.


ladies bear (inquire within)
he already made a post entitled "all the best ones are dead". he needs to get some new material.



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Ian Brown telling it like it is - just like Morrissey. Cool guy. We are all being conned into a New Normal and an economic Big Reset.

"To bring economic change you have to manufacture a crisis." Milton Friedman, top capitalist economist.

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