All remaining dates on the current US Tour have been postponed - TTY

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Press release -

    26 October 2012

    All remaining dates on the current US Tour have been postponed - but not cancelled - as Morrissey has returned to England where his mother has been hospitalized and is unwell. Due to issues with his mother's health, Morrissey will need to remain by her side during this difficult period.

    Those who have already purchased tickets for all upcoming dates are highly encouraged to hold on to their tickets and look out for the rescheduled dates. The new dates will be announced shortly.

    Morrissey would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience as the shows are being prepared for a swift reschedule.
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    1. Anonymous
      Hope Morrissey's mum gets well soon; I think we can all empathise with what a difficult time this is for the family.
    2. billy scissors
      billy scissors
    3. I hate Solow
      I hate Solow
      Seriously? You were hoping for dignity on THIS site?

      I'm truly worried about what will happen if his Mum actually dies - God forbid. People will post oh-so-funny gifs and say "That's life, old chap, move on already and play the show I have tickets for and you better pull out the exact setlist that I want to hear, and by the way your band is shite so play with the people that I want you to play with, and now I'm going to masturbate over a picture of your Mum and there's nothing you can do about it, so suck it up and be my dancing bear".

      This place is SICK. DavidT and Uncle Skinny are SICK. Skylarker and VivaHate are EVEN SICKER. They babble about freedom of speech and use it to justify ANY kind of nastiness that people please themselves to spill out on Morrissey. And I would happily give all the money I own if that would make DavidT shut this disgrace DOWN. GET OVER YOURSELF, REALISE THAT YOU LOVE YOUR DAMN SITE MORE THAN YOU LOVE MORRISSEY AND SHUT IT DOWN NOW. Some people describe you as kind and nice, but you're so clearly not. You're just boosting your ego on the back of Morrissey. How much do you want me to pay you to shut this down?? I WOULD RAISE THE MONEY NO MATTER WHAT.

      And now I'm waiting for the old "Why do you come here if you hate it" replies. I come here because I feel the need to speak against the shit that is going on here. Because I love Morrissey and I can't keep quiet if I see what people do to him. Bastards.
    4. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Ummmmmmm.... cancel it?
    5. mcrickson

      So you 'love' a man you've never met, has no idea you exist, and wouldn't even so much as piss on you if you were on fire?
    6. Nina Budd
      Nina Budd
      Thank you "I hate Solow" because for a while they spent time attacking you and not the Moz and his mother.
    7. girlonbike
      Very well said! Couldn't agree more!

    8. auntie christ
      auntie christ
      This particular thread has finally convinced me that you're absolutely right. The unmoderated wretched comments are a thinly veiled way for the Administration to disparage Morrissey without actually having to do it himself/themselves.

      I also understand not ignoring the despicable comments or the users that make them. Anyone with any decency stands up to abhorrent behavior rather than "putting it on ignore".
    9. Anonymous
      Well, Madge's dates are Nov. 24 and 25, and Morrissey was Nov. 30 in Pharr, TX. Even if I think I would have made it they were a little squeezed together.
      Now I just need to wait to see how he'll reschedule the tour. Maybe even in the middle of all this he´ll come to Mexico, just like last year.
    10. Anonymous
      Very well, said.

      I really dont know why Tseng and his tedious band of arselickers bother, why they devote so much time and expense into this utterly abysmal waste of time. There's definitely something about "owning" the resource, "owning" the information, "owning" the archive which makes them feel (self-)important, whereas in fact, as anyone can see, it's just a bit OCD, a bit sad, a bit anal. The site fails as a fan site as it doesn't celebrate Morrissey, it merely sneers, attacks and insults under that High School banner of Free Speech. As you rightly say, people with any decency stand up against abhorrent behavior, they don't click Ignore and sweep it under the carpet. Think about all the instances throughout history where abhorrent behavior has been met with people turning a blind eye... And then realise just how immature, hypocritical and grotesquely naive Tseng's "free speech + Ignore button" system is.
    11. Anonymous
    12. Nina Budd
      Nina Budd
      ..and make money at the same time
    13. davidt
      Did you miss all the positive 'get well soon' messages? Or perhaps you failed to mention that fact as it doesn't support your viewpoint.
    14. realitybites
      *snarky. Sorry. :)
    15. auntie christ
      auntie christ
      What do you think davidt? I made a get well comment so it's unlikely that I missed them. Consider it mentioned, and my viewpoint remains as stated earlier.
    16. I hate Solow
      I hate Solow
      That is wrong and idiotic on so many levels that I can't even be bothered to start a discussion with you.

      Happy to help. I'm willing to give them even more to attack.


      It's not about viewpoints. Any opinion should be tolerated as long as it is expressed in a polite and decent manner. STOP ACCUSING PEOPLE LIKE THIS. Is this the only argument you have???

      Again. How much money is needed to make you shut this site down? You can have as much as you want. Or is it not about money but self-importance? Are you content that you might be a part of Morrissey's mind's landscape? Does it make you feel happy that you upset him? God I wonder what kind of person you are.
    17. Anonymous
      It's like a pool, you can have hundreds of people swimming & it just takes one person to pee/crap in the pool to ruin it for everyone. It's disgusting & everyone want to get out. It feels the same way here, I of course noted the get-well comments, but when you have a couple shameless characters polluting the thread it just leaves a really bad impression about this forum & mankind in general.
    18. realitybites
      Beautiful song; beautiful naturalistic world view.
    19. Mozza220559
      No I meant sarky, short for sarcastic.
    20. Anonymous
      WRONG - assclown - I am a huge Morrissey fan - and either it is just incredibly bad luck, or its something a bit more contrived - but he is one of the absolute worst performers to try and plan to travel to see - for the very reason that he cancels and/or postpones shows seemingly more than any other performer...perhaps its just that an "appearance" of such, rather than true fact - either way, "true fans" initial reaction is going to be "uh, oh, what is it this time"...that said - "this time" is without question horrible for Morrissey, and quite frankly when I heard this was the reason for the initial 4-date postponement was surprised it was just 4-dates and was actually glad he is now taking full and proper time to get through this - we'll all be here when he's ready to resume - and hopefully, for NO OTHER REASON than his mother has fully recovered and her illness has passed, that is soon...but i digress - "anonymous" - for you to question peoples cynicism exposes your neophyte fan status and makes you look even more clueless than those you criticize.

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