All remaining dates on the current US Tour have been postponed - TTY

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Press release -

    26 October 2012

    All remaining dates on the current US Tour have been postponed - but not cancelled - as Morrissey has returned to England where his mother has been hospitalized and is unwell. Due to issues with his mother's health, Morrissey will need to remain by her side during this difficult period.

    Those who have already purchased tickets for all upcoming dates are highly encouraged to hold on to their tickets and look out for the rescheduled dates. The new dates will be announced shortly.

    Morrissey would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience as the shows are being prepared for a swift reschedule.
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    1. realitybites
      He has managed to do jack squat except show himself as the emotionally unstable person (not persona) that he is.
    2. Mozza220559
      I think it's all an act he puts on, you and a few others choose to believe he's a nutter. Now what?
    3. Skylarker
      Let's not go overboard here; calling him unstable is a bit hyperbolic. He's an obnoxious halfwit whose poorly spelled rantings strike some people as clever or oddball...but he's far too dull to be considered unstable.
    4. realitybites
      Haha, only the sharp ones are unstable. The dullards, well, they're just dull. :D
    5. realitybites

      I think there may be fluctuating blood levels involved, that's all I'm saying. ;)
    6. mcrickson
      Consider the average length of a half-comprehensible (I'm being generous, of course) BrummieBoy tantrum. What self-respecting person puts that much time and effort into an attempt to 'take the piss' out of a bunch of strangers online? Now multiply that by about 800 posts over the period of less than half a year. Consecutively, he probably would've spent about two months straight in front of the computer crafting this 'persona.' For an audience? For teh lulz? There's a point wherein trolling transitions from pastime to unhealthy, socially retarded obsession. Now what, indeed.
    7. Mozza220559
      I don't think he's a stark raving nutter, nor do I think he's mentally balanced, to me he seems like a bloke with time to spare to create this persona for his own amusement, for shits and giggles, I don't loathe or hate anyone enough on here to really care about their exploits on here, much like CrystalGeezer, part of me wanted her to get a grip of reality and give her a slap and the other part made me pity her. But who am I to tell people how to live, she's from another country, I've never met her so why let it bother me.

      I think one way or another Brummie is entertaining maybe for the wrong reasons, I won't write him off though because he likes Sadowitz and is into good comedy, and he liked my drawing. So he's not that much of a ballbag in my opinion.
    8. realitybites
    9. realitybites
      It's actually his more lucid posts that frighten me. If he kept it all silly and carefree, I wouldn't have a problem. It's when he gets all serious and morphs into polemical mode, that I begin to cringe and run for shelter.
      There's a very realistic chance that he's sitting back reading these messages from realitybites, Skylarker, mcrickson and feeling smug that you are spending time discussing him
    11. mcrickson
      And we're honestly expected to respect a person who derives satisfaction from that?
      The time we're spending discussing him is nowhere near the amount of time he took to get us to notice him.
      You're responding
    13. realitybites
      Another choice response. :cool:
    14. realitybites
      To you. Would you rather be ignored?
    15. mcrickson
      If that's all it takes to entertain his simple mind, more power to him. I'll make sure to donate to make-a-wish for him this year.
    16. BrummieBoy
      Meretricious. And a happy new year. Etc. :thumb:

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