All remaining dates on the current US Tour have been postponed - TTY

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    Press release -

    26 October 2012

    All remaining dates on the current US Tour have been postponed - but not cancelled - as Morrissey has returned to England where his mother has been hospitalized and is unwell. Due to issues with his mother's health, Morrissey will need to remain by her side during this difficult period.

    Those who have already purchased tickets for all upcoming dates are highly encouraged to hold on to their tickets and look out for the rescheduled dates. The new dates will be announced shortly.

    Morrissey would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience as the shows are being prepared for a swift reschedule.
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    1. mcrickson
      Love FotC. I need to get back into it, it's been awhile.
    2. Skylarker
      GREAT show.
    3. BrummieBoy
      Possibly the most unpleasant thread ever on this site.

      It's unfortunate that Morrissey has never had effective press and P.R support. There have been so many situations where simple professionalism would have prevented enormous distress to so many people.

      There was absolutely no requirement to disclose the identity of the person taken ill. A simple statement that a close family member within the tour team had been taken ill would have sufficed. The festival in Portugal had to be cancelled due to a band member's injury, if I recall. Again, the detail was superfluous and unecessary. No-one purchasing these consumer experiences has any legitimate reason to demand further intrusive detail. An insurance claim covering cancellation of an event might need more detail, but not the 'fans', some of whom seem quite unable to act with any measure of decorum or respect. It must surely be of some concern to this Artist to have attracted such specimens, but it's probably too late to turn this around without a fundamental re-imagining of some of his most belaboured cliches.

      I realise there's a whole subtext of the supposed legitimacy of previous cancellations but that can be safely and swiftly dismissed. Some of the greatest artists have been beset with health challenges which have scuppered the best laid plans for tours. If anyone makes a decision that an artist is 'swinging the lead' then they vote with their feet by not purchasing: not with hideously cruel comments about a stranger who is not even a public figure.

      Of course, Morrissey has lamentably chosen to involve non-public figures in his dramas in the past. Whilst these have usually been semi-anonymous aggregates such as victims of terrorist atrocities or global dismissals of whole cultures: it's sobering to recall his deeply unpleasant comments on David Banda, who was adopted by Madonna. This child, like Morrissey's mother, was not a public figure, and Morrissey's choice to invoke this child as part of some criticism of his new mother was both banal and sinister.

      I'm not aware of him ever having retracted that woeful outburst. We all make mistakes. We all lash out, even Crystal Geezer! It's very hard to reconcile Morrissey's 'sensitive' reaction to other people's cruel criticisms with his own outbursts, never mind his resort to the gangster code of libel laws in failed attempts to silence criticism. Either the tape of the NME interview exonerates him or it leaves questions unanswered. It's strange that it has never been shared.

      It sometimes seems that he can dish it out but can't take it. However, nothing he's said in relation to anyone else excuses the ridiculous attention seeking insults of certain entities on this thread. On a personal level, I'm pretty much at the point where I question the morality of being in the same space as either Morrissey or his increasingly splenetic and intemperate 'fans'. We all make mistakes, but a sign of maturity is being able to express genuine remorse for hurtful words and actions. I've said some unkind things about Morrissey over the years, largely in exasperation at having to face up to the fact that my investment in supporting his artistic journey has become increasingly difficult to justify as his outbursts have increased in intensity and irrationality. I have no problem in apologising sincerely for any such remarks.

      I've always seen Morrissey's work as having a practical utility value for wrestling with emotional challenges, never regarding the 'star' trappings as anything more than parody. However, it seems that was never the case and Morrissey may, hilariously, regard himself as 'above and beyond' the Audience as he parades the stage so entertainingly. I remember once he caught my eye imploringly from the stage and seemed affronted to only receive a calm smile in response. At the same show he later castigated the audience as dullards for not pandering to the rehash of pop-star stage invasions which he so assiduously cultivated from the start of his very long career. I couldn't help but feel it was an undignified way to behave for a man of my age.

      I wish him well. I hope he moves onto something more dignified. In the same way that the Rolling Stones jaded libertine dandy tropes now look like a pathetic nostalgia cult for washed up corporate Boomers: Morrissey's unresolvable issues also seem like tacky career props rather than genuine existential dramas. I've enjoyed so much along the way, but I guess there comes a time when it's best to just let someone leave your life rather than puzzle at the existential maze they seem to be locked within. I'm sure some people who know me would say exactly the same thing about me. That's life, etc.

      I'd like to thank DavidT for hosting this experiment over the years, despite its' faults it's been an arresting exposition of the boundaries of legitimate 'free speech', particularly for an Englishman. I'd also like to thank all who've joined me in 'heated debate'. It's been a hoot.

      I hope I'll be drawn back by some vibrant new art from Morrissey that is age-appropriate and not just a rehash of previous glories. But if not, there's lots of other wonderful music to listen to. And Morrissey really has produced some special music both as part of The Smiths collective and with his various solo collaborators. With the departure of Crysal Geezer it seems as if an era is ending. I'll check back in now and again, but i'd like to thank both Morrissey, his 'fans' and his Audience for such a wonderful lesson in how to be a public figure. And how not to be!

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    4. Mozza220559
      Very nicely written Brummie, I read the whole lot, and agree with 95% of it.
    5. MIDNITE

      Ive just popped back into the forum after a litte while myself!

      But have 2 agrea I found some of the posts in the topic in very bad taste even for the trolls making them! :(

      Anyways I will be back soon, and get back 2 the other topics I was on ect, and contribute some more fantastic posts just like I allways do! :)

      Im quite confident I will be back before christmas as Im still tryna sort out sum problems out at the moment!

      Kia Ora! :)

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    6. Anonymous
      Yet another old regular calls it a day due to the unmoderated crap that is allowed to be posted in the name of freedom of speech.
      This website was once so good, it's now so, so bad. We have lost Walter Ego, Crystal Geezer and now Brummie Boy, who will be
      Will the last one out please turn off the lights, or will there always be one that never, scrub that.

      Toby Lerone
    7. realitybites
      Well, you have your facts wrong. Both Brummie and Geezer took liberties with the light-handed moderation. Check out the many threads throughout the site that clearly showcase their handy work, particularly the Pigsty. Geezer was banned/unbanned for acting like a troll and harassing another poster here. Perhaps some have left due to the "unmoderated crap" but it wasn't those two.
    8. BrummieBoy
      You, dear, can just STFU. "What happens in The Pigsty...." Why are you referencing a ring-fenced area of the site outside it's parameters? Because you are thick. I've no idea why you continue with your delusion that you're some kind of 'elder, resepected' poster here. You're not. You're a klutz. I'm only tidying up here. If you think you'll get me to re-engage, dream on. Although my secretary, Sharon, may respond on my behalf once she's released from that top-security mental health facility. Meretricious and an unhappy New York year. Gore Vidal not purloined by Morrissey, etc. Massive intellectual brainpower of his 'cult followers', ROFLMAO and so on and so forth. And as for anything I ever did or said here, it was like, totally, '4 teh lulz/lolwut' and all that nonsense. Especially the 'sincerity' riffs, the protest vote against cruelty and malice. The idea that anyone reveals anything of themselves just by typing nonsense from a keyboard is very quaint. Salinger In The Bull Ring. It's Birmingham, not Manchester that's the epicentre of British culture. Back to Sabbath. Morrissey is over.....barring a 'miracle'. Still doing your 'blog', dear? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    9. BrummieBoy
      You're very good at this. I hope you keep posting periodically. I'll pop back now and again to read you and a few others. And enjoy that wine! You work hard helping others, you deserve to kick back now and then. regards BB
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    10. BrummieBoy
      Hello Mozza220559. Glad you found some value in my final ruminations. I hope Morrissey rises from the dead, etc. I liked your Saville cartoon very much. My son used to do cartoon art, now he's into drum'n'bass. All the best.

      [over & out: Mission accomplished. Comms line to Moz-Solo terminates]
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    11. King Leer
      King Leer
      The only time I've felt a twinge of discomfort at a comment Morrissey's made over his entire career was the Norway massacre jibe -- and an apology did follow that one.

      Some "rock stars" trash hotel rooms (and even that's barely done anymore) -- Moz trashes people.
    12. BrummieBoy
      "Moz trashes people"? Yes, he does, but also writes mope-tastic victim script songs called "Hated For Loving", the contradiction supposedly part of some vast mystique within his 'star' persona that can never be understood. Nonsense on stilts. He's blown it. It's not as if he's a genuine genius misanthrope like Jerry Sadowitz, he just dips his toe in now and then, throws a few insults, and runs off and cries or hides behind his lawyers when he's called out for basically acting like a playground bully. That's not a good luck at 14, never mind 54 or however old he is now. The comments on his mother's illness were the last desperate throw of the dice from the resident troll-clowns here, but Morrissey is a mirror image of them. Without his bodyguards and elite hotel life he'd have to face the consequences of his wild outbursts. Maybe he should ask Frankie Boyle to support him on his next tour. Gratuitous insults of an orphaned child is perhaps the most ridiculous and pathetic thing he's ever done: though he keeps trying to top it. If he was touring, he'd doubtless have something tiresome to say about Kate Middleton's troubled pregnancy. He was such a prospect, so much of what he put out was borderline genuine-genius, it's sad he doesn't seem to have any insight into his descent into acrid mediocrity. I'll always give his stuff a casual listen, but for me now it's about reflecting on how someone who seemed to be on the verge of changing human culture failed so spectacularly. The only questions left are: which year did he last pay tax in the UK? Where is he now domiciled for tax? If he thinks it's ok to insult orphan children, does he accept his own close relatives are fair game for similar public ridicule? El plotto losto. For many years. The abyss beckons....all very sad. regards BB
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    13. Mozza220559

      You should see my satirical Garry Bushell pic!
    14. BrummieBoy
      Quick, take it down! He'll sue....Morrissey will sue you for linking him to Garry Bushell. regards BB.

      ps: it's got to be Christopher Maloney. He's the new Cliff, the new Daniel O'Donnell. Deal with it folks. I bet you ARE watching X-Factor Xtra on ITV2 up there in Hulls-ville. Admit it!
    15. Mozza220559
      I hate the X-Factor, it's almost too cliched to put that but I do. I'm actually watching The Invention Of Lying now, a bit of a shitty film for Gervais after all of his great work, I must admit though his output has taken somewhat of a downward trajectory. Much like our Moz. Sadface.
    16. BrummieBoy
      You know what: if that Tumblr really is your work, you're good. Or are you just linking to someone else and takin' the pee? Are you following Con Chrisoulis and his 'Tales of The Smiths'? I like it a lot. I don't know enough to judge technically, but you both communicate well. It takes balls to try and earn a living from art. If you're doing that, you have my respect. If it's just a hobby, that's cool too. I enjoyed winding you up this summer (with everyone else). If I caused offence, I hope you got a buzz from it! regards. BB
    17. BrummieBoy
      Ricky has tried a bit too hard, lately. I like cocky arrogance but it only if the material's up to scratch. I've got front row at Wolves Civic in Feb for Sadowitz. I'm hoping to have a right old ding-dong with him. Might pretend to be a Christian evangelical and exorcise him or something. I love live stuff. Rolph Horricks did live cartoon stuff: he's 'helping police with their enquiries" tonight with regard to 'Saville and others'. Don't know how old you are, but I'm as ancient as Moz and this stuff is getting mental-to-the-max. How they gonna do TOTP re-runs now? Well, must go and put on a fresh purple shell-suit, blond wig and get ready for some doggin now the wife's tucked up in bed. regards BB.
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    18. BrummieBoy
    19. Mozza220559
      Haha, I'd love to see Sadowitz, he's like a 90's Frankie Boyle only better and with magic tricks, I went to see Stewart Lee this year which was a delight, I even got to meet him and chat to him afterwards which strangley felt really natural, he's such a nice guy, that and I fancy him a bit too. But yeah Sadowitz I need to see, along with Simon Munnery someone else who's held in high regard with comedians I like, from what I've seen of his stuff I've enjoyed. But I'll let you know that ruddy tumblr page is all mine, I've not posted in there for a while because I'm just lazy, all the stuff in there though is mine.

      I'd love to do illustration as a full time career though, it's just something I do when I finish work, you know what Brummie I used to think you were a right nutcase a few months ago but realised in that massive post the other day that you're quite a decent chap, (prison rape jokes aside, maybe that's Sadowitz rubbing off on you (not literally!))
    20. Mozza220559

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