All remaining dates on the current US Tour have been postponed - TTY

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Press release -

    26 October 2012

    All remaining dates on the current US Tour have been postponed - but not cancelled - as Morrissey has returned to England where his mother has been hospitalized and is unwell. Due to issues with his mother's health, Morrissey will need to remain by her side during this difficult period.

    Those who have already purchased tickets for all upcoming dates are highly encouraged to hold on to their tickets and look out for the rescheduled dates. The new dates will be announced shortly.

    Morrissey would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience as the shows are being prepared for a swift reschedule.
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    1. mcrickson
      Wellp, unless plans somehow drastically change and Morrissey stops performing live before he makes up these dates, it looks as though there'll at least be some degree of a 2013 US tour.
    2. Anonymous
      Good. That means that I can follow him in Texas since the tour dates collided with MDNA concerts in Mexico City. Get well, my dear Mothre in Law.
    3. auntie christ
      auntie christ
      All the Best to Morrissey and his family.
    4. CrystalGeezer
    5. Anonymous
      Praying...I'm just praying. We love you Moz..
    6. klaus
      Hope his mother gets the care she needs. Thanks to Morrissey for letting everyone know in advance and not on the day of the gig. Good luck to him and his family.
    7. bagface
      Totally understandable. I think this is what most people would do in the given situation. Good for him for putting family first.
    8. Mozluv
      My Prayers and Love are with you Morrissey.
    9. candydarling
      Sending best wishes to Morrissey and his Mother.
    10. theboyracer
      I feel for Morrissey. I love my mother. Get well.
    11. Anonymous
      Looks like you were making the right decision in going to Madge in the 1st place. She puts on a better show. LOL!
    12. Black Eyed
      Black Eyed
      I'm Morrisseys age and very sadly lost my dear Mum in February this year. I am praying that Mrs Dwyer and Morrissey find the strength to help each other get through this. Lots of hugs. x:flowers:
      Hope all is well soon.

      I think it would be fitting for people to observe a level of dignity and respect in this particular thread, with empathy for Morrissey and his family
    14. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      Red rag time...
    15. Skylarker
      I don't anyone here has anything but (at the very least superficial) sympathy for someone whose mother has just been hospitalized.

      I think the bulk of any derision or cynicality in this thread stems from how many times, for so many different reasons, Morrissey has cancelled or postponed his shows tour after tour.
    16. Anonymous
      AHHHHH! Seriously you - fuck right off!!!!!

      What has that got to do with this situation? The man's mother is ill, he postpones dates. What would you do? Your comment was incredibly stupid. If there is derision or cynicality (and what sort of word is that?) relating to previous occurences then it does not belong on this thread

    17. EPbabe
      Guys, I'm very sorry for all those who lost money on these cancellations but if this isn't a justified reason for cancelling the tour, then nothing is. Morrissey, I feel for you and yours, hope your Mum will get better soon. Take care, be strong!
    18. Anonymous
      Are you talking about the old tale of the boy who cried wolf Skylarker ?
    19. Anonymous
      Derision or cynicality perpetuated by whom? Superficial concern? I may not know Morrissey personally but he's played a big part in my life. Empty vessels really do make the most noise. Sometimes mate just shut the Fuck up. You come across all Mark Chapmanesque

      Personally I hope Morrissey's Mum makes a full recovery and wish her all the best.

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