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  1. aqua

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    Mar 2, 2015

    I'm looking to own all Morrissey's pre-kill uncle material on CD. This means all official studio outtakes, demos, singles, b-sides, covers, etc. I'm only interested in official releases, no bootlegs or unofficial releases. Remastered audio is preferred!

    So far what I have is...

    Viva Hate (Remastered)
    Bona Drag (Remastered)
    Bona Drag (Original)

    What I'm missing is obviously "Ordinary Boys" from the original Viva Hate album. Is this track available in remastered form on any compilations?

    I'm also very eager to get a remastered version of "Girl Least Likely To," which looks like it's on the "Very Best of Morrissey" Compilation.

    Finally, is "Sister I'm a Poet" available on any complications remastered?

    I'm primarily looking for these tracks and all other pre-kill uncle tracks that I do not have. I'm thinking maybe I should get the 88-91 singles box set? If I did, would I be missing anything? Is this box set remastered? It doesn't look like it from its description...

    Any help is much appreciated, thank you!!!
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    Aug 4, 2009
    Get the HMV/Parlophone singles 3 CD set. The tracks on this are remastered (even though I don't think it says that on the sleeve) and sound great. That includes Sister I'm a Poet and Girl Least Likely to, but I think the only way to get Ordinary Boys is to find a pre-remaster pressing of Viva Hate. As far as I understand, the UK one is likely to be better than the US one in terms of sound.

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