"All a Tremulous Heart Requires" - The Smiths inspired art exhibition by Blondey McCoy (London)

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    Blondey McCoy Set to Launch "All a Tremulous Heart Requires" Art Exhibition in London - Hypebeast
    Blondey walks us through his homage to The Smiths.
    By Nicolaus Li

    Stepping away from his Thames label and the skate world, Blondey McCoy recently announced he is set to launch an art exhibition titled, “All a Tremulous Heart Requires.”

    Commisioned by biannual fashion magazine Arena Homme +, McCoy put together four new large form pieces to be displayed at St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, serving as the young skater, designer and artist’s homage to The Smiths, more specifically when guitarist Johnny Marr took off his guitar and danced with Morrissey to the bass solo of “Barbarism Begins at Home” at the Eldorado Club in Paris in 1984. Blondey’s pieces immortalize the iconic moment with life-sized scale laser cut pieces of acrylic laid over iPhone photos taken personally by Blondey at Morrissey’s recent solo show in Aberdeen.

    Catch Blondey’s walkthrough of the exhibition launching at St Martin-in-the-Fields Friday, April 20 above.

    St Martin-in-the-Fields
    Trafalgar Square, London
    United Kingdom

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    1. Try Anything Twice
      Try Anything Twice
      It is a really inspiring moment, at the Eldorado , I mean. It would be hard to say how many times I’ve watched that. McCoy’s translation as art though....... it’s not the most sophisticated collage work. Don’t know that much about Blondey McCoy and probably won’t put him on a watch list for future exhibits. I do like the shot at the end of the promo where you can see all four pieces side by side on the wall. They are much stronger from a distance. Thanks for sharing the link.
    2. joe frady
      joe frady
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    3. mcrickson
      I'd post this in a Moz dreams thread, but I don't believe there is one that isn't currently archived. Dreamt last night that I got Morrissey and Johnny to agree to a meeting. I was in the room. It was a really interesting dream, to say the least.
    4. joe frady
      joe frady
      Did you fall out of bed? Twice?

      ps ~ don't mention this to Our Unkle.

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    5. Dingoatemybabby
      I like how the artist explains himself and his work. The art is actually better than a lot of things you see in galleries and obviously meaningful to myself, as a super-fan. You'd have to be a pretty big fan of the Smiths to get how iconic that dance is between Moz and Marr or to have even seen it. I'd love to go see it if it were near me.
    6. gordyboy9
      seems like a cool and decent guy,not a fuck or shit in his whole piece,take note asap rocky.
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