Alison Martino Instagram - photo / clips from Morrissey's birthday celebration

Check out Alison Martino’s Instagram stories for some sweet Moz party video.


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As they were IG stories - they'd vanish eventually, so:


Balloons, song & cake:

(Notable guest: Guy Oseary).
The birthday video needs to be made a separate post. Having a glimpse into his private life is a HUGE deal. Some fans will miss this buried here.
Guy Oseary
Born is Israel, HAHA!
Good for M, he knew what he was doing with his Israel song (some would say)
Im happy they all seemed happy
There is a world beyond the pop game
By the way, I do not think M not making any statements about records on his Bday is any great indicator
I think the fact he has Guy Oseary with him is much much much more of an indicator.
I am now more positive again
As a side note, those LA parties do remind me of Curb , I bet M is a right old Larry David as well.
Cute and a bit sad, at the same time.
What a wonderful, proper birthday celebration! No annoying, drunk greasers with their cheap piss beers and leather boots! No overweight rockabilly girls with 10 kids! Only proper gentlemen and women allowed into Moz’s inner sanctum.
Wow, that really looks like old cold and dreary Manchester Beachmouth or fake California Mom house with everyone depressed and angry or some other fantasy foreign shithole location you people dream up. You people here are so lost.

It was a great birthday for California Son, his wife Nancy, and California Son Junior and his annual birthday basketball game at the Malibu Rec. was awesome!! I think California Son got a triple double!!
a good time was had by all,that is a jazzy pair of socks M is wearing.probably the most relaxed we have seen him in years in the photo above.

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