Alice Glass (ex-Crystal Castles) wearing Morrissey-shirt live in Dallas

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By Anonymous on Oct 16, 2017 at 12:35 AM
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    One week ago Jupiter Keyes (HEALTH) was wearing (the same?) Morrissey-Shirt too.

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    1. URBANUS
      She reminds me of this Stockholm goth girl that appeared in the swedish tv show "Outsiders" who is a victorian goth planning to add real fangs.

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    2. Anonymous
      Neat. I like some of her solo songs
    3. Anonymous
      She's on tout with Marylin Manson these days. Love her current video:

    4. Anonymous
    5. celibate
      had a long sleeve like that but with the dec 92 gigs on it, and more colour,also on the back a miserable looking Morrissey ,bought in the railwaystation from a lad who sold them in Düsseldorf
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    6. countthree
      Now we know who spent the day in bed together :D
    7. Anonymous
      "I’ve decided that I won’t be returning for the rescheduled dates on Marilyn Manson’s tour next year

      sincere apologies to anyone who got tickets to his shows to see me. i'll be scheduling my own tour soon..."

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