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I've known no war
Extra Extra, read all about it!
Riggers 'n Dodwell
Morrissey: The last independent artist who made it despite all the fake news about himself, talks about the background of the alleged coronavirus and England's decline due to the loss of old values (again).

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If it’s Dodwell, the he’s well and truly installed her as the Grim Reaper on his musical career. A planet will groan.


Let The Bullets Fly.
You people are without doubt the worst fans on the planet.
thats the whole point,they arent fans,they will be the first ones to read the interview hoping and praying theres something about race in it then they will pass the info onto skinflint.
im hoping its about how hes feeling after the passing of his mum and his plans for the future.

Deleted member 29417

Got to feel most sorry for Karen. She must be totally dreading it. She's probably going to have a whole new batch of ugly, ill-informed comments to try and justify. Perhaps a good time to move on from the site, Karen?

It's more likely a bunch of over-reactions to 🙄 over.

And what do you do on this site that's so thrilling?

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