Morrissey Central "ALERT !!" (October 21, 2022)


Please be aware, Morrissey has no knowledge of the below, and
would not canvas for subscriptions.


Something similar has happened a few times on Facebook over the years too.
Hmm. It looks like group chats with Morrissey's nephew or some lesser lackey, and exclusive access to photoshopped images of Bruce Lee, Diana Dors, and other icons holding Morrissey paraphernalia.

I guess it depends on how nice-looking the "special badge" is. If it's just that generic crown logo, no thanks.
Culled from an old post of mine:
"The IG account concerned calls itself 'officialmoz' - it is, however, nothing to do with Morrissey's 'official' IG accounts.
It was originally run by/called "doggobenny" and sold fake t-shirts, posted memes and mirrored information being posted by real channels.
It didn't help that band members followed the fake account due to the name matching Morrissey's Twitter marketing account, but it has never been official and there are 2 IG accs now (as previously posted) that are 'official'."

Looks like fake shirts have given way to money making subs...
I think he might consider subscriber-only content at some point, even if he says he's not interested. It's becoming a pay wall world.

Anyway, I'd still like to see how the ersatz "stories and posts" are. They might be better than Morrissey Central's.
Alert! I bought twenty signed Moz records at his merch bar only to find that the signatures are all a little bit different. £4000 and I feel duped. I suspect Jesse signed a few for Moz. I've melted the records as gift to the O-Zone.
a badge that you cant wear for £4.99 a month,iv been duped and had all in the one go.
Let's have a look at those exclusive and 100% authentic Jake Walter pics 94/95 you've downloaded from o.f. for a few extra bucks. Then I tell you.

Ok @MILKISMURDER did already. 100% true to you.
I put a request in for a very particular pose. A submissive Moz kneeling in white boxer shorts and with his arms tied behind his back. Let me know if he posts it.

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