Albums to look forward to in 2010


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Cheers Moz


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Can't wait for the new Besnard Lakes, it's meant to be even better than the last. I keep seeing it to download but I want it in my hands before I listen to it. The suspense is killing me!


Lonelady - 'Nerve Up'.
Her influences speak volumes,
I like The Fall, Gang Of Four and Wire through to the likes of REM and Throwing Muses".
You can certainly here the 4AD element.
Check out the song Intuition on her artist page.


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Johnny Cash's 'Ain't No Grave', Wild Beasts (probably nothing written yet), and especially Cristopher Lee (yes the actor), who is going to make a sort of symphonic-metal album about the story of King Charlemagne. That should be special.


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Fleet Foxes apparently and The Spinto Band...

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