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Well, I was just wondering what everyone thought...if you matched up Morrissey's albums which one's would win?

Viva Hate vs Bona Drag
Winner: Bona Drag

Your Arsenal vs Vauxhall and I
Winner: Vauxhall and I

Southpaw Grammar vs Maladjusted
Winner: Southpaw Grammar

You Are The Quarry vs Ringleader Of The Tormentors
Winner: Ringleader Of The Tormentors

(Note - Kill Uncle is dropped because it doesn't have an album of equal uneveness to match up against it so I counted Bona Drag as an album instead)
I'd agree with all except for Ringleader. YATQ was a cracking album, though I must say that Ringleader has proved to be a grower, especially after hearing the songs live. Too many weak tracks though (The Father Who Must Be killed, I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now and At Last I Am Born). That's my humble opinion anyway:p
I like them all, so I can't compare, each album is somewhat different from the last, it's like comparing jam with elbow grease, you simply cannot do so. It's like a deep insult to my cultural learnings of Bournemouth.
Viva Hate vs Kill Uncle
Winner: Viva Hate, barely...
Your Arsenal vs Vauxhall & I
Winner: Vauxhall & I
Southpaw Grammar vs Maladjusted
Winner: Southpaw Grammar, barely
You are the Quarry vs Ringleader of the Tormentors
Winner: You are the Quarry
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